Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Cavalryman’s sword


Cavalryman’s sword


Cavalryman’s sword’s grip


Cavalryman’s sword’s grip


Cavalryman’s sword’s grip


Cavalryman’s sword’s grip


wow man, awesome speed in modelling. the amount of models you have made is what’s makeing this composition interesting :smiley: keep adding these


Cavalryman’s sword nearly finished. I am not happy with the blade but time is not much and schedule is tight. If I have time I will replace it I think.


Neeno, Maxko, Ekarademir, Blackdidthis, MMbenya, Gunilla, Virtuoso, Leho

Thank you all man… You make this challenge colorful and your crits make it pleasant.


Could you please give an idea? Which blade seem better?


Holy crap dude where did you find the time to do all this work! I’m struggling to finish a couple of characters and you’ve gone and made an army.

Nice blades. IMO the top saber looks better, and is the more authentic design I believe.

Good work:beer:


Trying to rig the character


I am trying to put the horse 2 “cavalryman” in the shape what I plan.


Cavalryman head’s materials retouched and tassels widened.


Belt, scabbard and sabretasche


Another view




Now I am planning to change the trousers and boots.


Brand new boots