Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Strap and visor shield


Double rope with a knot


More on head






you are absolutely man of the market. you know what to do and, in the next step you do that. many many good luck!




Boots of cavalryman






Boots of the cavalryman


composition refreshment


Wow, a lot of great modeling and texturing updates here! :thumbsup: I am really digging all of the characters you are putting into this. Keep those updates coming.



Hey just when I am sure that I can confiednetly say I have updated alot… I come to see your thread :sad:

It’s really looking great in the final shot Levent. The composition settings are alot more impressive than your earlier and I have to accept that it was a very wise ‘Hamle’ :slight_smile:

I really like the crown on the Queen. Not sure yet about the Bishop/Elephant… It looks too abstracted next to the pawn and knight.

Oh wait incase you might have a need for it to more lavish the jewelleries… In This Link you can find a variaty of jewel cuts and refractions.

Good Luck!!





You’re sort of flying here at the moment! Very nice updates - with this speed you will manage to do the full set before time is running out - good luck!


Texturing the cavalryman


You have been very busy levent…Doing well too…I think you will make it quite easily…me too…as long as i do 20 days of work in the next 16…:wink: …Work well and hard as you are,it’s paying off,you are doing a good job here…:arteest:


Cavalryman is about to finish. Now its time to paint face I think


Cavalryman’s sword