Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Being appreciated by another master (I underline just because of the importance hereby)
generally boosts the moral. Thanks.

Well, that would be wonderful if that course (or college maybe :)) was opened and we become the masters there :deal: . I think we must find some more teachers. Not much but some more.


Modelling the hardest part I think in a sixgun revolver


Left rider’s gun completed. I am thinking of adding no more details to this holed iron anymore.


cant even tell the difference from the photo… great work!


Wow :slight_smile: nice gun and i like materialz :slight_smile:


return to the rider’s head


Lets make a moustache and an eyebrow






Its time to see some hair


Here it is


Rider’s (cavalryman) head is mirrored before texturing, to see props and clothes’ fitting onto that body.

I am thinking of adding a gesture to the face after texturing.


Building the bearskin




View from the side. form deform works good here






texturing bearskin


Your introducing a serious amount of characters?
When having such a subtle (hafif) extrusion, I usually preffer to handle it with a bump/displacement map instead.
Usually because it gives me more independence from the shapes the polygons would allow me. And secondly that such a mustache may interfere to my mouths topology shall I want to have him have a change in expression.

But I see that in your state It is a diffrent matter as you are depicting pawns. It does add to it.
Are you going to do something about the center line running along the face?

Lol… no I am no master. Thank you very much. But I guess there are many more that would be more fitting to such a title :slight_smile:
As for the school… If you do the sales… I can try and do all the teaching :deal: I am so so with teaching… but I am a very bad business man :sad:
(Hocam kusura bakma hep ingilizce… senin nasil olsa cok iyi dilin, ve ayip oluyor oteki gezenlere. Anlamiyorlar ya)