Master and Servant 3D Entry: Levent Gocer


Levent Gocer has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final!

Crown added. Clothes more realistic with the -additional handmade shadows-. Some more…
I think that is the final for this project. That seems enough for scene to represent the >master and servant< idea for me.

Infact I imagined many concepts but this was the most remarkable one amongst the others. It gives a feeling of some kind of a tragedy, owned by one -spendable pawn-. Having the pressure of plastic world’s plastic causes’ plastic deaths. Having orders from all around; different masters, different ranks, different purposes… Hard to tell but easy to understand I think. Feeling of being a spendable one maybe one of the worst feelings ever experienced.

I tried to reflect the moment of defiance. I hope it is ok.
I wish the best for all.
Let the best wins.


Hi there,
Back again with a new theme for the challenge. I am very pleasant with the new subject and even at these first moments of design, my mind was filled with ideas etc. I have chosen the scenery composition of “The Player Masters” for the challenge.

Story is that computers became very good SERVANTS of their human MASTERS, in many ways, manners and types. The entertainment sector is one of these.

Strategy and tactical games are good examples of entertainment plus learning something and even satisfying humans racing, dealing, thinking and contesting needs and desires of victory.

Scene portrays two children playing a strategic game with their futuristic computer. They are the MASTERS of their troops and the sprites in the game are the good SERVANTS of their players.

Here is the quick sketch of the scene. I hope I will draw soon a better one with some fine details.
Good luck everyone.


Still at design stage.

These two cavalryman are the ones from the fighting sprites of the computer game.

I am thinking of adding some warriors from different eras. Like submarines, helicopters, catapults, ballistas, sailships, tanks etc.


great idea, final image will be very cool.

iyi şanslar.


I have edited my signature, you can reach out my other page throughout the links in my signature.


Thank you very much friend. I am open to your critics as far as challenge goes on.



wow! this is gonna be cool when it is 3-D image. Looking forward to see it.


Hi kuzgunoglu, cool concept, looks like you’ll have tonnes o fun with it
Good luck!


He it’s me again, sorry but i prefer your 3d concept, it’s excellent with many potential, i wait the first modelling with impatient:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Started modeling




Started adding dummies


Added digital ground’s back side effect and fighting cavalry


well, not very fresh idea bu it seems to have good realisation. Yeah, MDN67 is right - it has potential! Lots of freedom to decide detailes. Also lightning can be placed above (as it now) with volumetric spotligh - very mystic…
Ok, it’s you to decide!
Go on with it!
I’ll follow your progress with interest

my MASTER/&/servant XXX


good luck levent!

bol sans!



I just love your concept the two kids controlling their toys, I’m gona keep an eye on your entries.


Yes, really cool concept and lots of potential… You could make something really special with this. I suggest you spend some time with finding the right angle - being down on the battlefield with the kids hoovering in the background could make quite an impact. Good luck!


good suggestion, Gunilla
Camera plased closer to the ground - and kids more powerfull!
An effect can also be increased by placing keylights for kids pointing from bottom to top. Some zones will remain in dark and just face partly will be illuminated from bottom

     [[b]M&S 3d[/b]](


GSO 3d


Thanx very much for your boost here, I am open to your critics as well.


Some edged weapons from the scene in my mind. If you like I may send a picture of their mesh style views.

Here I am declaring that I am starting to build a drakkar in a manner of a tutorial. Attention for the tutorial seekers.