Master and Servant 3D Entry: Laeticia Freger


Good luck Laeticia, hope to see more. Keep posting

Greetings from Spain


[b]ilusiondigital, (o)ne, yazguen, cipher ->> Thanks to all

Lemog -> [/b]At the base, its only for one people


mmmh… :cry: a real shame :rolleyes:

:scream: hahahahahaha


Hi laeticia…well you been moving along quite nicely…things are coming out real well…I like you’re efforts and you’re seeing this to the end…that alone is a victory…you’re vision and idea are coming full circle…The seat should get some arm-rest’s,and a nice back rest,some pillows,all in the same design…made in the same fashion…and make it into a “Love-seat”…for two…always better…:wink:

…Ok I applaud your efforts,results, and determination to see this through to the end…All the best to you,and I’ll look in as you get to that finishline…keep it coming as you are laeticia…:arteest:


it is true lemog, it is a shame…:wink:


better so we stay really near one agains one :smiley:

chapeau pour le travail !



yop miss !

good update for your furnitures!
to be continued …so sweet !:slight_smile:

see yaaa !


french jedi

“has valiant heart nothing is not impossible !”

My masters an sevants


Ive redo this meridienne because I dont know what to choose between the armchair and this meridienne : could you help ?
Thank you !

Comments are welcome !


I really love this one :smiley: … it will give a psy gabinet style… mmm psyco !


Another thing for only one person… rrrrrrr :scream: hahahaha… (tu n’es pas de mon avis Julien ? :beer: )

Seriously now, maybe you can use the 2 things… reduce the first armchair and put it on the sofa, like a cushion… yellow and purple… 2 very funny colors no ? :thumbsup:

Let’s go cocotte… run :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


yes, I agree, both of them are good enought to be there :slight_smile:


Oui :smiley:


Pretty vizualization but why is it here? :shrug:


VEry nice rendering dear leaticia :wink:

i see one little problem, i think that the floor have too much bump… but all other thing looks very nice :wink: good luck for the last straight line :wink:


I agree, a smoother floor and you are golden.


wow, really cool looking couch thingy, and like the floor. great work.


salut …:slight_smile:

j’espere que vous arriverez a l’heure, pour terminer votre travail. :thumbsup:

bonne chance a vous.


As you were able to notice it, I regrettably had no necessary time to continue this challenge.
Indeed, Im in full period of examinations, and thus its not possible to me, to touch the 3d ! :smiley:

Please excuse me for it :wink:

Good luck to all

And thank you for the support that everyone in been able to bring me by means of comments :slight_smile:


Oki girl… we will waiting you in the next one… :thumbsup: and you must finish it :bounce:


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