Master and Servant 3D Entry: Laeticia Freger


Laeticia Freger has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: Meridienne

Ive redo this meridienne because I dont know what to choose between the armchair and this meridienne : could you help ?
Thank you !

Comments are welcome !


content de te voir ici ! bonne chance pour le challenge :wink:
je suis ton post de pret :wink:


OH holy bananas and French beers with Greek potaotes over tnhousand bubbles in a field full of pigs and wabbits …:eek:

…Welcome Laeticia …Do the other crazy Frenchies know u are in this ? :slight_smile:

Have fun…


no word just: 1 chapeau 2 bonne chance 3 wow c’est beau de te voir ici pour le contest 4 :smiley: 5 :love: …

lol, all the best… I’m subscribe !



Now… we’re ok to open a world restaurant… :scream: Ahahahahahah (with Laeticia, I’m sure we can have a lot of clients… no prob)

Good news for us… good news for men of CgTalk (not right Jddog ? hahahahaha)… Laeticia is now on the ring… we must take care to her…

Let’s go my girl… we’re waiting your story, and your concept sketch, pliz :thumbsup: kmon…


This is the concept sketch !
My level in drawing is, how to say…, very humiliating :smiley:


Good concept Laeticia… you can do something original with that, surely… go girl… hop hop hop :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Lemog :black_small_square::black_small_square::black_small_square:◊ Thank you for these encouragements that touches me :thumbsup:

jddog :black_small_square::black_small_square::black_small_square:◊ Thanks Julien :slight_smile: Youre a nice boy :scream:

Dimi :black_small_square::black_small_square::black_small_square:◊ Hey Dimi ! happy to see you here ! Im can be a little crazy, but not in the same direction as some ahahaha! :thumbsup:

Ludal :black_small_square::black_small_square::black_small_square:◊ thanks for your support ludal : I dont find your challenge :sad:


ouiiii… ma Falbala est la !

:blush: ty so much

ok more seriously now… and Laeticia always consider that my crits are absolutely personal POV…

ok for the concept of humiliation this is strong and excellent mood for this kind of subject :applause: and with this you can generate a immense enphasis on your work. :thumbsup:
But actually in the scene that I see here (sketch) I got some difficulties to find the element ‘serveant/slave’… it’s something stupid but eventually the dress of her (for ex. als bonne/femme de chambre) can really generate this missing link… or probaly just a details that can bring up this element… also like a defined environment like an office (it should be this I suppose now) or something else… this is just a small comment…

anyway: go for it ! is really a good starting point !

Jdd - the nice boy :wink:

hee… that sound good… ‘nice boy’… hahaha :smiley:


your hat seems to be better fit then mine. l challenge you heheheh:bounce:


You saw just!
That is not represented, because I do not know how to represent it (in term of drawing) simply !
Otherwise yes, Lemog can confirm it to you, it had left incluante of the basic concept ! :thumbsup:


je vais eviter decrre en anglias car ca va etre catastrophique !
heureux de te voir parmis nous !!!


Also !
Good luck to you :thumbsup:
So, pull you for English, its vital :bounce:


you don’t find my challenge ?

look here :wink:

ton idée est cool, essai peute etre d’ajouter une pointe d’originalité…
enfin je dis ça mais moi :smiley:
t’as un sacré niveau en dessin, bienvenue au club :wink:


Your sketch remind me of a silly teacher was on my school, he thoughts that he is the boss, he was always kick all the boys from the class until he stay along in the room!..

Anyway, nice sketch, your good. :smiley: na nan nana
Good luck in the challenge :slight_smile:

Looking to see more… :beer:


eYadNesS :black_small_square::black_small_square::black_small_square:◊ thanks ! Needs not to laugh for the sketch ! :thumbsup:

Ludal :black_small_square::black_small_square::black_small_square:◊ thanks for the link :thumbsup: what about this famous point of originality which differentiates an picture of the other one, I there thoughtful :banghead: , but good its just the beginning !


bonjour madame Laeticia!
Seen my friends have already found this so i take seat here too and enjoy the ride. (bout the concept… know it too well, happend to me all the time in school, my only concern was that i could take out paper and a pen outside the door) Je te souhaite beaucoup de plaisir, at bonne chance aussi :slight_smile:


ARGH! tHIs happened to me a lot of years ago!!! DAMN! It was terrible!
Umh…did you point to create a realistic image or a crtoon style one?



Well, very dramatic.

But it can still receive more details. :wink:

[] ’ s


Good luck to you and a lot of respect for your avatar :love: