Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


I have no words to thank you all for such kind words. I consider all of you my friends. This was probably my last challenge as challenger. Maybe I’ll be judging works in the next one and I like to see even more entries and more and more people helping and sharing knowledge and less and less people complaining about results, judges etc. This is just sad and pointless after all the hard work of the people involved, both artists and CGTalk staff/judges.

Thanks a lot guys. You are just great!



well I think you´ll do fine as a judge, you´ve got the eye and the quality for judging us poor humans… hehhe just kidding
I know there has been a little revolt here and there, but I wasn´t interested in those commentaries at all. I think there will be a lot of people thinking like me, if that helps :thumbsup:
Anyway, I hope to keep having the opportunity to see more of your workflow, more master pieces from you and more chatting around.

congratulations again!



First, your image here, and in the Machine Flesh are elegant and glorious. Those who say otherwise are simply fuming and perhaps refused to read through your thread, and failed to gain all the tremendous insight you shared with us all.

In the aftermath of any big event (I consider the CGTalk challenges among the most generous and high profile artistic competitions in the world), emotions run a bit ragged.

Your image and talent transcends all these little trifles. I hope, (and beg) you do not leave these challenges based on a few foolhardy complaints. The wealth and quality of information you provide would be sorely, and perhaps devestatingly missed, as would the beauty and and clarity of your vision.

Without your effort and insight, these challenges would be that much less enjoyable and enlightening.

Please defend your crown.

As an added bonus, all those who complain might actually learn something, pipe down, and become more accomplished artists. Or, at the very least, smarter people.

Many thanks for sharing your prodigious ability, and your desire to teach, and enhance the quality of everyone’s work.

Hopefully, your next entry will win as well. :slight_smile:


Congrats Antropus ,you really did a great work. :slight_smile:



Kris, I don’t know what to say…You did it again! You won this challange, just like the other one! :thumbsup: Congratulations for the grand prize! :applause: I hope you will pose as a judge in the next one! So see you here in the next challenge! :smiley:




We’ll gonna miss ya as challenger Kris… Your work was always a measure for us… About the complains and the blablabla… well, most of us are very happy, and as in any contest, almost everyone “lose”! but we all win in knowledge, thanks for sharing your art process with all that effort and detail, you rock :buttrock:


awesome work man u people are making miracles!


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