Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


… very amazing to see each challenge you participate you make a very good picture !


The first will remain the first… and the last… hahaha… I’m happy for you and your art which are really at the top. I think that much among us dreams one day to be your competent and skills, but it will certainly not be sufficient, it will certainly always miss this small thing which makes the difference, this small detail, however so important, the talent !
Well… I wish you to still take much pleasure with your new machine, without daring to imagine, all the wonders which will leave there. Good continuation Kris :beer:


Well done on the win Kris… I think your art is wonderful and great to follow your wip.

All the best,


As I said in the finished works section where you post it, Great job, and great inspiration for lots of us !
A second Boxx ! Render farm is near ! U ccould give us the next step of your art, No computer limitation ! :drool:


Congrats, well done! … I suggest you sell that second Boxx and buy some goodies for the horrible little girl - who knows what she might drive you to next :slight_smile:


Aconteceu justamente como tinha dito no começo… pq não me surpreendo?


Remember what I said?! :slight_smile:

Congratullations, man!


Hi Kris! you are no surprise anymore you know! :wink: you was one of the reasons I quit this challenge! haha! :smiley:


congratulation on an amazing finish like u always do… ur really a talented artist… do us a favor keep that all up :thumbsup: i’m proud and honored to compeate with such great artists like u :thumbsup:


Congratulations Kris!

Although it does not suprise me that you won, what makes it amazing is that you completed it in time, while making a major life change move. Truely the mark of a driven talent!

You deserve it.



Knew this was top notch work when I saw, congratz on the win. :thumbsup:


Congrats for a 2nd time. Your work without a doubt deserves the honors. :thumbsup:


I was sure you would won 1st or grand, you’re starting to be predictable! :smiley:

Enjoy your prize, your work was amazing in every pixel :buttrock:


:applause::applause:no douBt you weRe the wiNner,tHe bEst wOrK aroUnD…


Hi Kris,

So you did it again…unbeliveable! I hope your lil family is proud about you. I also hope next time you will be on the judges side! So see ya next time too and thanks for this entry! I learned a lot again!



Err…ok …although i hate ya…i love ya too…errr…i think…but although i truly hate ya…i have to CONGRAT ya for a wonderfull work…U are NUTS…:scream: :scream:

:thumbsup: …keep going Kris.


a huge congrats to you kris … well deserved … a wonderful fun image all around
& gotta give you a beer for sure for that one :beer:

course now, you know we’re all gonna kick your butt next time :buttrock:


i knew it…:bounce: everybody knew it… You again!
Antroous, things are going better and better in this year, aren’t they?:slight_smile:


Congratulations!! Definitely well deserved :applause: :applause::applause::applause:

your first work i saw was the old lady. already then your deep, humane and emotional creation was remarkable. your m&s entry is amazing. very unique, imaginative and fantastically done.


hey congratulations!
Top work!

Keep it rollin!