Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


Brilliant & surreal, you’ve got a hell of an imagination. Congratulations!


oi Kris!


I guess you are used to receive congratulations, any ways it will never be enough for you.
Great work as usuall, i like how your idea contrasts with your last one for the other challenge, diferente approach of interpretation. A neat one this time also.
Great how you work on ZBrush, did you render it on ZB too?

Good luck…!!



Amazing! Congrats! :smiley: :thumbsup:

A surreal masterpiece…


Kris, i just love all the details you put on every work you done, and this one was no exception!:love: Congratulation friend for the outstanding final image you done!:applause: Hope to see you in the next challenge!:thumbsup:

Good luck my friend,

Um abraço,

Rafael Martinez


well well well… what can I add again here that I didn’t already said in my previous posts… a winning concept if you ask me. Congrats with your final entry !



it’s really a very nice pic, very realistic and funny. Amazing work:eek:


Awesome work Kris, no crits from me, I really like the style. The hot dog vendor is by far my favourite part of the piece, his expression is hilarious.



now that i have some time, i just wanted to say very original concept, and great execution Antropus!
ive followed this from the start, both here and at zbrush central. your texturing and ability to give character to your scene is top shelf stuff.

P.S you do fantastic teeth! well er…as in, it looks like there is an inch of dust on the girls and venders toothbrushes,:wink: i love the little details…

“Edit” just looked at your large final, and you even put motion blur on the hotdog! :buttrock:

best wishes and regards


Hi my friend :slight_smile: … Your Final Image is really Lovely Kris… One of the Best I am sure… You know my vote is yours… Cry Baby Cry :cry: … When I grow up I wanna be like you :drool: …rsssssssss!!!



Hey Kris,
You have an excellent image:thumbsup: :thumbsup: , the figures and textures are all well done. Somehow to me anyways , the background seems a little off or something but maybe this is what you were after.
Good luck with this.


its kinda weird & funny image, but your modelling skills topnotch… great job & congratualtions on this final image!:thumbsup:



this is a really unique WIP you created here… and besides your final image is fantastic :thumbsup: You got my vote 4 sure :thumbsup:


It great to see what can be done in zbrush with the right person at the helm. It’s amazing how fast your created most of the image.
For some reason the nightime background throws me off a bit. I think it makes the image feel too other worldly, if that makes any sense.

Nice work.


Hi kris

Super final image, love your Zbrush work, lively image lit for comedy, would
would have prefered daytime backdrop, I take into account time constraints
love the animal texture, Congrats! look forward to seeing you in the next challenge!

I work in Zbrush to, My M-S
The Hunchback, please crit,

All the Best! Patina!


Nice and funny image. Nice details too. However I agree about the sky. Looks a little off. The details are insane and ‘sometimes’ less is more but I think you managed well using the light to make the main characters strong enough and even with all the details the image is clear.
I think the hand that grabs the pouch doesn’t show tension and I can’t see clearly the jump direction (maybe because of the simulated motion blur?). Anyway, very nice work. Good Luck.

  • limo


hye Kris… awesome final. I love all the little details, the mustard on the face, the little embroidered details on the collar and sleeves, and little lollipops… all very done

GL m8


one more time, one of my favorites, great stuff mate, see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hahaaa… This is definitevily one of my favorites.:thumbsup: Great composition, good movement. Psyko and skitso. :scream:


really cool image. i followed your work flow and i am uber impressed. keep up the great work and good luck.


stunning!!:buttrock: I love your artworks so much, save all imge from your~~
good luck kris~