Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


Your work is beautifull and your your image belongs to my preferred images :wink:


Um… er… wtf??

This is absolutely brilliant!! I love it!! The girl’s face is just peachy!!

I’ve been so absorbed in the 2D contest that i’ve rarely come over this side of the fence… and i’m dead glad i did this morning!!


Every Single Antropus is now an ennemy of the republic !

Are you planning to fix the candy in the girl’ left hand ? Perhaps I miss a comment on that, but I Feel like it does not hang in her hand, almost going to fall.

Such a magnific illustration…:hmm:

Strong you are.


hey costa ur work is very different … but its really amazing… cool models and texturing… gud work man… all the best
God bless


Man your skills just scare me, too anazing, and i love the style in this work, it’s very different to your privious winning challenge piece.


Hilarious piece! I am in awe. Good luck.


Ok guys, that’s the end!
This is my final image. I know that the image is not perfect and that some people don’t like the subject and some options I took but this is the great thing about art in general: different interpretations from different observers. I think I reached my personal goal for this image and surely with more time I can improve it but I’m glad I finished it even without a lot of time in the last weeks. The best thing for me is that I had a lot of fun creating this image and I’m pretty sure some more people will laugh looking at it and this is priceless :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for all your support and suggestions that helped me to improve the image.
Congratulations for all of you guys that finished your works and shared some information posting “how to” to help others.

Now I can rest and move the rest of my things to the new apartment! :slight_smile:

I hope I can have some time tonight to create some more mini-tutos and post some more information about the image.

Cya and good luck to everybody!


Good luck Kris


Hi Kris. Congratulations. Good Work. :applause:

Só sinto falta de uma iluminação mais dramática, que tenho certeza que vc faria, se estivesse usando o Maya … mas isso é gosto beeem pessoal mesmo. O trabalho está ótimo e com certeza vai estar entre os melhores. :thumbsup:

Estou finalizando meu trabalho para o contest tb. Quando tiver um tempo, dê uma passada por lá. :slight_smile:


Great work you did, glad you changed the background the new one is awesome, the mostard around her mouth was the touch to add I love, I dunno who wouldn’t like this. The absurdity in your image adds up so much to the concept, amazing work :thumbsup:


Great Job Kris ! Hope to see you in the three !


Awesome image… :eek:
nothing more
luck Antropus!!:thumbsup:


congratulation kris! you done a great job , from start ! great artistic skill and strong technical skill ,and you still provide tips and how-to to the community , I learn a lot from you , and good luck! enjoy new apartment!


yeah! …u have to hate this guy as much as i do ! :scream:



well, well, well… amazing image! I like the way you´ve developped the image, and I like the fact the characters look so big in the picture … really great work!
congratulations! Good luck!


Congratulations Kris,

Very Impressing image with strong character emotions :thumbsup: (And it tells a funny story :slight_smile: )

I love your style!

See ya in the Voting :wink:
… & in the next Challenge(s)
Keep on Rocking :buttrock: Alex


I came expecting and update and BAM! I find your final! It turned out great buddy! I thought the city background was more fitting, like a scene of central park in NY; but I understand the time constraints and the workload very well. You have another great piece to be proud of.:thumbsup:


Congrat’s for finishing the image! It’s really a great work.

Parabéns Kris, mais uma vez vc superou as espectativas…que já eram muitas diga-se de passagem. :thumbsup:

Boa sorte com a mudança.


Congratulations Kris… :thumbsup:
No comments about the final image. You Rocks!:applause:

  • Ganhou de novo cara??? O loko!! Vai levar todos os contests agora é?
    Também, muito merecido. Foi o melhor até agora mesmo.
    Mas torço pelo Mobra tambem.


congradulations kris. it’s really a wonder image. even i still find the background image doesn’t fully blind with the scene, it is still admirable. good luck and thanks again for helping me out with my “name problem”.