Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


Time for another update… almost finished.


Time for another update… almost finished.


Time for another update… almost finished.


Time for another update… almost finished.


Here the main lines that I posted time ago. I tried to keep my composition under the previous comp lines.


To see the image with a little better quality, please click over the image.


Ok Guys, thanks a lot for all your comments and suggestions :wink:
This weekend I’ll have to move to another apartment for the second time in 1 month. I’ll have no time enough to make any big improvements in the image. I’ll correct some small problems and add some particles in the foreground. The image above is pretty much the final one without some minor adjusts. I like to have more time but will be impossible.



Hi krist ,

very good image , and concept, your style makes me remember a (Bosco ( El jardín de las delicias).

I wish many luck you, although I do not believe that you need it.

Un abraço


You’re the master, for sure !

Amazing work on the background ! Great perspective !



WOW Kris!..

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Although many people will say that: YOU’RE MY IDOL :twisted: :wink:

This unbelievable detail and feel for art and so good in this piece of art! :thumbsup: Last week I did some ‘real tests’ in ZB about 2.5D, but to me it didn’t work thát good all the time… Maybe I just need to practise allót… :wink:

Some really small questions…

  1. of how many layers does this exist in ZBrush?
  2. do you extensively use Layer-Baking?
  3. wasn’t is a big nightmare to work on that high res in ZB? (my PC almost crashed at a size of 2000 x 1500… :frowning: … imagine about a size of 3500 x 3000 :eek: ) Did you use tricks?
  4. did you do allot Photoshop post-work?

Good luck with moving to another appartment… Whatever happends: you have my vote :love:



4096X4096 works on a pentium 4 2.4 ghz with 1024 mo ram and 256 mo video card. But the number of polygon is also a great problem in ZB after 1.800 000 poly my computer doesn’t want more !


don’t know how to express how amazing and magnificent is your work :bounce: :applause: :applause: :applause::applause:


:arteest: :arteest: … … :arteest:


:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: the colors are simply incredible,so much variation and absoultely amazing color tones:surprised:argh:


really!..great wip!:slight_smile:


:argh: arghhh… that girl is very disgusting, hehehe
great wip

good look


I love the girls chins… nice!


Hi man,

I’ll try to answer:

  1. I don’t know about any limitation but I always use just few layers for each ZBrush file (3-10 layers)
  2. not really. I usually turn some layers on and just render it. If my intention is to paint some hair and fur I can bake the layers to make it easy to paint in 2D inside ZBrush, but not for this work
  3. The trick is to have a good machine and a lot of ram! I have 2GB ram and I think I’ll need 3GB to work with some files. I’m creating the scenes and rendering at the maximum resolution in ZBrush (4096). For the final image (composed in photoshop) I’ll reduce the image to 3636 (the guideline for the entries). I got some crashes using a lot of dense meshes in the same scene and I had to render some objects without smooth because if I turn smooth on ZBrush crashes…but just in VERY heavy scenes full of heavy objects.
  4. Yes. I’ll post some screenshots showing the post-work. I created every object in 3D. To create the trees for instance I placed these plants around primitives in another layer in ZBeush and after done I just hide the another layer to show just the plants and rendered it as a complete tree. In this scene, the path+hot-dog guy+mess were rendered all together. The Kangaroo+ugly girl+candies in the pouch+some plants in the foreground and everything connected were rendered in another file. I created about 5-6 different trees and about 6-7 different plants and all this stuff was rendered separated and composed in photoshop. For the background I used a photo I took in San Francisco in 2004 mixed with about 6 different clouds images I collected. This way I can say that all the main characters were created in 3D (converted to 2.5D to render) and a lot of stuff in the background, like plants around the path and sky are 3D+2.5D+2D all together. Kind of mixed matte paint.

Thanks all for your support! The final image is coming in the next 3 days (nothing very different from the last image I posted).



WoW! it´s been sometime since my last visit, and again, you rock man! :buttrock:
Your work is awesome! The emotions of the characters are clearly and the relation of master and servant is perfectly presented! This is a great work man! Congratulations!

Good luck mate,

Rafael Martinez


Hi Antropus!:slight_smile: what can I say? The obvious… Your work’s great!! Really a great reference… Good luck! :thumbsup: