Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


You don´t need good luck, you are a monster :thumbsup: , You are doing a fabulous work here. Great control of the colours and materials.

PS: All is made in ZB?

PS 2 : Your characters are really an spawns hahahah.

Greetings Kris


Wow amazing work you did, really cool image, and your concept is awesome

Is the background city the final background, cause it doesn’t really match with the rest of your composition



I´m impressed from your skills! Awesome work!:thumbsup:

Good luck!


Hey Kris, looking good. Congrats on your 0-1, that’s great news.
I’m kinda falling behind with my entry. Anyways, just passing by to see what you are up too and it’s all good.:arteest:



Hey Antropus, nice work so far, looking really good.:thumbsup: :slight_smile: :bounce:

About the girl, I think that maybe, one of her hands should be holding the chain. I don’t know if you said your story but I’m guessing she’s the masters, right? So I think it could be more representative if she was holding the chain.

If you already said what your idea is, I’m sorry, because I didn’t have time to read all the posts in your thread. :smiley:


Muito bom Kris. :thumbsup:

Só uma sugestão é testar um tipo de composição com mais contraste, já que a cena se passa a noite, talvez o canguru e o vendedor estejam muito claros … A iluminação me passa a ideia de uma cena durante o dia, mas o fundo mostra noite …

To de olho. :eek:


oh wow,can i please use as wallpaper?:bowdown::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
this is incredible work:argh:


so funny and beautiful… bravo ! :applause:


phenomenal progress! my opinion: i see more to a little village background, that one city.


Oh Kris …man…i hate u so much man:scream: …this is awesome…:thumbsup: .



This is looking fantastic, i liked the concept from the very start. Awesome skills you have.


man your stuff is too good. it’s just scaring me :eek:. One thing though, the guy crying, there seem to be little depth between the kangaroo and the guy crying, maybe a little atmosphereic or lighting tweek to pull their distance apart.


hi Antropus !
great compositon !!!:thumbsup:

keep going…


Kris Kris Kris… you´ve been so bad… how dare you post such excellent work here man? Dont do that… you make everybody cry :cry: … hauaha… Nothing to say bro :thumbsup: !!! Just Keep it UP :scream: !!!



Ahh Great stuff - crazy illustration - Love it - Cheers
Specially like the little girl character – she s a cutie



Where is the updates? hehehe :bounce:

Acho que já falaram isso algumas mensagens atrás, sobre a corrente no pulso da menina, sabe que hoje meu irmão viu sua imagem, e a primeira coisa que ele pensou era que o canguro tinha roubado a menina e os cachorros-quentes … Acho que passou essa idéia porque a menina não está segurando ou puxando a corrente ela está na verdade acorrentada pelo pulso …


rollocks, im using a night sky with stars in my entry too. i might not finish mine though if i do i havent copied you. not that it matters cos yours is kickin mine all over the show.

nice work, textures are great, modelling is great, concept is great, expression is great the only weakness i think is the lighting as it needs more shadow and darkness to match the environment.

when you do your gnomon video i think i’ll have to buy it (if you havent done one already).


It’s the best one i see for now…that “girl” is really a dictator!


But I’m not the judge or jury so we+l just have to wait and see,wont we.
After seing this piece,I feel I read some nice fairytale,something like Alice in wonderland.
Dont know,kinda remids me on that tale.
Brilliant narrativity.
Keep strong pal.
seeya. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I’l just kangoo :bounce: my self out of this thread now. :slight_smile:


Time for another update… almost finished.