Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


The last posts are great ! A lot of work in this scene ! And your UNIQUE STYLE !


Nice work mate…amazing details:thumbsup:


Hey Bro :slight_smile: … what you have been doing here in your thread is a great opportunity to see the beautiful artist you are becoming into… always giving us a lot of information and showing us great updates… Congrats Bro :buttrock: … I really wish you good luck in the contest… By the way, is the Kangaroo shaking his hand, like saying “goodbye fella and sorry for the trouble”??? It was what I thought when I saw the scene :slight_smile: … And good work with your brand new site bro… a very very nice one :thumbsup: !!!



hey Antropus…

realy nice work…, great models, shaders, and mainly, great composition work!

Good Luck!


its great all round, great texturing, modelling and scene composition its the mark of a matured artist and its something many of us are all working towards.


Hello Krist:thumbsup:

admirable work, like always, but mainly, very original, since
it beams, but always I like your works, I do not have no is not
criticized for you:) , because I wish much luck and insurance you that we
see your work in Basilic.

un abraço


Antro, ,very very good !!

Congratulations !!


Superb images, detail and updates, Kris :thumbsup:
I’m especially appreciating the fauna you’ve created throughout, and of course a lot more besides - Excellent!



okk, i just read that post,thats ok Kris! ur the directorso its u,baking ur models!

great again!:thumbsup:


very good “old baby” , a great expression of the face, very good work


Thanks a lot guys! I’ll post an update in few minutes. Will be something closer to the final composition. I see you in few minutes :slight_smile:

Velu galera do Brasil-il-il… :smiley:



Just some new plants details.


Here some details of the new background in progress.


I continue to keep one eye on the contrast of my composition that helps a lot to read the information in the image even in a small thumbnail. I’m trying to keep the background alive but without to take the attention from the main characters at same time.


Here an update of my intention for this image. I think with the path the story becames more clear. I’m working in the hands that are NOT in the final position yet. The hand that grabs the pouch will be adjusted to really grab it. After this I have to add textures to the hands because right now are just plain white. I’ll redo the plants in the background and keep working on the background details. I’ll model the buildings in 3D and make some better montains because the current ones are just for layout purposes. This composition is something very close to the final work. I still have to add the DOF to simulate the distance, add the “particles” and some candies/hot-dogs flying around to make the scene more dynamic and finish the fur, as post effect. I hope you like it.

ps.: click over the image to see a bigger one. Sorry about the resolution. I had to try to fit it in 150kb :frowning:



heya… I think the new background works alot better to add depth, on comparison to the previous background that had an odd horizontal cutting the image in half almost

It looks great, I dunno how you throw that together in so little time… amazing!

Are the motion blurs temporary for now? The blur on the ears looks 2d, and not moving towards the viewer but rather across.

Keep it up… the hand models look cool, nice shapes there.



Fantastic man, award winning picture you got there :thumbsup: ! One of the very few original idea I seen so far in the challenge! concept and style are very original, congrats!

Not too crazy about the background and the night atmosphere though. Daylight and colorful environment would make a better cover for the next “Expose” :scream: :slight_smile:

good luck !



that´s a beautiful composition! both characters are so big and well defined!

what´s below the kanguroo ears? is it “motion blur”?


Wow. This was a superb entry from the begining and I just love how it’s worked out.YOu’ve already addressed the small issues that your working on, so I don’t really have any critique, I’m just looking forward to your final image.


that sounds pretty good,Kris! congradulations:thumbsup:
i checked ur web site and the new design and additional things were awesome,and i wanna say THANX a lot for that very usefull tutorial about Picasso’s head…Great!:thumbsup: