Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


Hotdog guy is great! Poor him… does he have the same dentist as the girl? They both seem to lack in that department :slight_smile:

Love this thread, thanks!


very nice antropus!! I really like hotdog guy! high detail and realistc hand! good job!


just one word - Awesome! no,no 2 words - Really Awesome :thumbsup:


Hey banzato! Nice to see you here man :slight_smile:

I have three ZBrush files. In the first one I have the girl, the Kangaroo and the foreground plants. I have 3 layers in this file. In another file I have just plants, in 2 layers, 1 for the ground and the another one for the plants. In the third file I have the hot-dog guy, car, all the candies, ground, stones ans plants, all in different layers.

About the idea, man, I really don’t know. Both my MachineFlesh entry and this one just pop in my mind in no time… is kind of strange. After the first “pop” I start to think what elements I can keep and which ones I have to take off. I try always to tell a story and is important to me that not just me but other people can understand that story. After this first step I just create some sketches to see the amount of work I have to do to conclude the work in time and what software I can use for it (just Maya, Maya and ZBrush, just ZBrush). I start doing tests (shaders, lighting, some modeling sketches etc) and I just start to work after I’m really sure that I can do it. While I’m creating my scene I can add a lot of stuff that make sense to me and can make the scene better, like the the reference to the Chocolate Factory. In my opinion is very important that the story make sense. For instance, when I used a Kangaroo I thought that a strange being inside of a Kangaroo’s pouch is like a parasite. The pouch was made to carry her/him (here I’m free to create a male mother :slight_smile: ) baby but instead you can see a ugly kid commanding her/him but not only this, using her/his body for transport, protection, bed etc.

I also have a lot of references. Before to start any model if I know “more or less” how that object looks, I prefer always to be sure how it is and for this I just make a good research on google images or (this one is amazing!). I also have the most part of the project in my mind before to start. Everything else I put or take off during the process. So the answer is yes, I have A LOT of images in my HD all the time :slight_smile:

I agree. This is a WIP image that I’ll refine until the last day :wink:

Thanks mate!



Just to say, thanks for the answer and for the amazing link. You are my master, lol. :thumbsup:


Yeah the details are just great, that’s amazing…


hi Antropus, amazing composition:thumbsup:

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good look


OMG OMG OH MY GOD:scream::scream::scream:


Wow, I foollow your work since the begining and you really do amazing work, the details are awesome. The left arm of the hot-dog dude still bug me but I think it will make more sense when is in place in your compo. Now the other thing well ain’t a critic since it’s what attracks me to your work, there’s something about your finish in the scene that doesn’t make it look like CG 3d but actual ceramic figurine you would find at your grand-parents, and I just love it it feels like if I drop your image it would break in thousands of peice.

Well to finish you make amzing work. :applause::bowdown::applause:


Antropus, blz?

Very nice style of 3d caricature, a great blend between realistic textures and a more cartoonist composition and design of the characters. Good luck and waiting to see the final image and your great step by step processes.



wow, Kris… I just love ur work… ur Machine Flesh was top class… and I like this one even better.:applause:


wonderful job Antropus…
congrats… no more to say =]
*excuse my english…


What great characters you have created! They are very much alive. However I am uncomfortable about the background. It looks like somewhere in the jungle trail where ice-cream man/hot dog vendor/candy man don’t normally venture. How about having a nice park at the back of the vendor while keeping the dense jungle look of the front. Add some gaping onlookers at the back too. When all comes together, it will look like the kangaroo and the little monster girl came out from the jungle (in the front) to give the vendor a surprise, robbed him of his goods, then quickly hopped back in while all the park visitors stared disbelieving at what they have just seen.

This is just an idea. i love your entry. It is so detailed and colourful!


Hey guys,

don’t be so afraid of the background. As I already told you this is just a rough test and I’m working on it. The final background will be very different :wink:




first of all… great work & awsome details you created there… with the background I think as I read your thread you got already a clear image in mind… I`m curious :slight_smile:


hey Kris! that is great! although the hotguy man is great bit its not really clear that they have snatched those hot-dugs! u know?cuz his eyes are close,in a scene like this the reaction of the hot dog man would be so diffrent,like he’s confused although he’s angry.,and shocked,u know what i mean? i know its late,but now i got what u were doing and the concept!
anyway,u and ur works are veryyyyy cool and great!:thumbsup:


great work mate,better and better. like the expose3 poping up now and then under your avatar. see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments my friends! :thumbsup:

Take a look in my post about “acting choices” (#5) here:



i don’t believe!!seems amazing!!:thumbsup: really nice details…Can’t wait!


No crits! Amazing work man! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Gde abraço:)