Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


this will be a great one when its finished! very nice so far…
ill follow this tread


plus an excellent work friend, I wait that you it has an excellent result with it in this new duel, because you work very well.
Rivan Henrique


Hey hey! I’m back! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all of your comments, suggestions and great words! I was working in a lot of stuff at same time but I was working also for my entry and I’ll post a lot of new stuff in few minutes :slight_smile:
In the past days I updated my website, adding a lot of new images and my personal gallery with a lot of bizarre pictures and updated information. Take a look:

I’ll try to answer some questions:

  1. About ZBrush being 3D, 2D or 2.D, Zbrush is all of these :slight_smile: I created all the models in 3D, some in Maya (non organic stuff and some plants) but the most part in Zbrush. The difference is that after to place the objects in the right position ZBrush “drop” the object in the plate, turning it in a 2.5D (2D + depth necessary to calculate shadows, reflections etc). When you hit render, you are rendering a 2.5D image but all the objects were created and positioned in 3D. Make sense? This is very different in Zbrush. Since you don’t have top, right, front views (Zbrush works only in ortographic / perspective modes) to place to objects in the right position sometimes is very very hard because you can’t rotate the view to see the scene in another angle. Is like you are working in a traditional package without views other than the perspective in terms of composition. Of course that you can rotate the objects for sculpt and texture but once you dropped in the plate you can’t rotate anymore. The only way to change it is to clear the layer and redraw the object in 3D, rotating, scaling and positioning it again in another place.

  2. All the textures are hand painted inside ZBrush using projection master or regular 3D view mode. No other softwares used for texturing.

  3. Render: 100% of the rendered shots I posted were made using ONLY ZBrush. Zbrush can simulate some kind of ambient occlusion light that adds a lot of details and realism to the images.

  4. Shaders: 100% Zbrush. The most part of it have the same base, the skin shader I used for the Picasso head, modified from Sokar’s shader (you can make a research at Pixolator forum for more details).

  5. About the pose of the hotdog guy, well, as animator I know that I have thousands of possibilities to express emotions. This was my choice to make the guy expressing his feelings according with my way to react in a situation like that. If I make a fist, all my intention will be distorted. He’s not mad at anybody. He’s a victim of the crazy girl and he can feel his own pain, almost claiming something to God. This way you will see much more clear that the only twisted/mad character in my scene is the girl. Both of other characters are bigger but at same time are victim of this little crazy bastard :slight_smile:
    In animation you can call these options to express reactions “acting choices”. The position of his arms are my “acting choice” but if I ask all the animators of the world to express these feelings, I’m sure that I’ll have LOTS of different interpretations. Since I’m my own director for this scene, I’m pretty sure I did the right thing for what I have in mind, what the hot-dog guy feels, but thanks for the suggestions.

Updates are coming!


This was my first test with the textured hot-dog car and the props I created for this scene. Before you ask, the chocolate bar is not “Willy Wonka”, is “Willy Wonpa” because of the copyright :smiley:
But of course is my homage for the great Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory… a crazy crazy movie from the beggining of 70’s.


lol… love the wanka bar dude… such a nice touch :thumbsup:


Here’s the poor guy with his new-old hot-dog car and some environment stuff. The crazy little girl left everything messy.


just some more plants…


Just an update with everything together. I’m still working in the plants and stuff for the background.

I’ll redo all the plants in the foreground that don’t looks as good as I want.


It’s the result we want of you… always perfect, inventing master Antropus :thumbsup: and thanks for ZB explanations… :applause:


Just to show that I’m adding a lot of the details but paying attention in the main subject. The focus/contrast is over the 3 main characters.


Just for fun a spherical image to show these guys even more fat :slight_smile:


Do you want even more action and movement? Look that! :stuck_out_tongue:


:argh: primise I stop to drink… :smiley:

:applause: you are doing a stunnign work Antropus !


Here’s a close-up showing the poor guy and his pain.


Here’s a close-up in the mess.


Here’s the last upload for now. I’m moving to the foreground characters adjustments in the next days. After this I have to finish the background and make the final adjustments in the composition.


hey Antropus… excellent update as ever… seems you’re just about done … now you can relax and take it slow over the next 2 weeks.

All that’s left is the girls hands…
great foilage, they look great

the pose of the hotdog guy doens’t necessarily say to me that they just snatched it out of his hands, but he still looks really amazing and the purpoes /overall msg is clear…


Thanks Versiden! And now that I have a lot of candies and stuff I’ll take off some hot-dogs from the pouch and fill it with candies and Wonk…Wonpa bars… :smiley:


Hey, no crits man, this is perfect. I would like to know if all this objects are in the same file of ZBrush. What are the layers? This is a comp in Photoshop? Thanks for answer. Ill simplify my last question. This is very important to me. How much time do you expent to make your “idea”. Do you get all this ideas (like poses, colors, expressions, angle) before start the project? or do you have a lot of improvements during the job. I mean, i was reading the work of Feng Zhu and i realize that he have all the things in mind (70%-80%) before start the sketch. He have a lot of reference pictures in his comp, like 30 Giga of references. Do you have a big file of references or you just look at the internet? Sorry for a lot of questions and thanks fot the answers. Keep going, show us more, this is a very good job. :bounce:


hi antropus

the image looks great but now that i’m looking at an almost final composition, the fact that there’s so many foliage in the scene kinda bugs me. i don’t see how the hot dog guy would fit in that environment, unless it’s a park with a big city in the back or something like that