Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


great stuff Kris.

The hot dog guys hand looks like its turned at a weird angle though , looks a bit painful and unnatural right now. If thats the final camera angle i’d rotate the hand a bit.

to better illustrate my suggestion:


4 stars from me mate! this is some serious A+ work right here.


Excellent work!

I really love your style in your work !
Great character design!

Good luck!


high quality standard yet again… you don’t disappoint. Nice work Kris


Hello Antropus, first of all, great job, no crits for you. This is very expressive, i can feel emotion on your job, keep going. i have a question for you. “All” this idea was in your mind before start the job or you improvise during the process? Do you think that the concept (idea) of the job is the most important thing to do a winner job? Where do you get your ideas? Do you watch something? Do you sketch something? How you can get this amazing ideas? Im learning a lot of things with you and i hope one day i can transmit this for other friends. Thanks and good luck on this final weeks. :buttrock:


Hi Kris,

Amazing work! you are truly an inspiration and I absolutely love your work!! One thing bothering me though is when looking at him (and just staring in amazement) is the right hand bothers me as there are only 3 fingers on the one side of the hotdog and not all 4. Seems like this would be wierd to hold the hotdog with the index finger folded under. Just a minor thing really, but other than that the work is really top notch:applause:


And here we go… once more… :buttrock::buttrock: :buttrock: … LOL… nothing to say Kris, just cry, cry and cry… :cry: …LOL… You Rock Bro…:bowdown:

Good Luck to you and everybody here in the Challenge… but I hope you WIN cause I have already chosen my favorite Master & Servant… :twisted:




hi antro

the hot dog guy is really very expressive, but i agree with Sheep Factory… the left arm looks very strange :shrug: and in a painfull pose…

mas eh soh arrumar isso ae e mandar bala


sorry, i don’t see the previous page with your explanation…

but in your picture the hand seems natural… if you make a little change, it goes to be more acceptable and natural to who will be seeing…


Hello, your work is amazing. Please could you look my thread and explain me how to avoid the “belt” effect that i have with zbrush? It’s my first step with this soft and i really need a help.:sad:



More tears! :scream: Very cool, but - as always :thumbsup:


amazing modelling and especially texturing. looks really stunning:eek: Once completly finished it should be absolutly :buttrock::applause::D:love:


Hi Antropus been a great fan and follower of your work.

Just a small comment the fingers lack detail when compared to the palm. The hot dog looks too rigid for me and perhaps you can tone down a touch on the colors.

The rest looks great as usual you are brilliant


• The expression is very good! that hot dog may be “untouched”, but with those teeth, No way to buy it from that guy! :scream:
but i will sure give a tongue kiss to that baby in the kangaroo’s bag…is she married? :smiley:


Hi Antropus

[i]very good antropus, as all their works. Congratulations



Ate você Antropus…
its work are exelent ant this hot-dog you very good… congratulations…


That’s a great update Antropus.
Just a question though, how did you model the environment in Zbrush. Which tools do you use and what type of document is it? Is it a 2d or a 3d plate?
Also, how’d you do the hair on the kangaroo, it looks astonishing.


Hey there Kris -
You’re immense skills and energy seem to know no bounds; watching your meticulous updates with admiration and joy :slight_smile:



that is just too damn cool!!, great character in these…er… characters :smiley:


I like the expression on his face
Hot dog does not have ketchup:sad: but looks great:thumbsup: