Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


Good Luck antro,
I am fan of carterinha of its works…
I wait anxious…



É isso ai Kris… vamos ver o bicho pegar… boa sorte a todos nós… e é otimo estarmos juntos nesse contest… entre muitos outros brasileiros aqui…

Abraços a todos…

Best Look for all entries …and welcome to the jungle…


• Wow it is said this is going to be a great thread, So i am buying my ticket :thumbsup: good luck pal!


HI ANTROPUS!!! :bounce:

Good to see that you will participate. To accompany your work (here or in Brazil) it is very interesting.

I had already made my bets in another participant, but I will change…heheheh

Good luck!!

ps.: A vitoria novamente!!


Hey krishnamuti, i really liked your machinaflesh challenge and it’s based on that that i’m very curious about this one. good luck dude!!:thumbsup:


o god i knew ur gonna dip into this challange too!.. i love ur Machine Flesh entry… well DUH it won the first prize!!.. anwyas gr8 to c u man… lets c what u do for this challange! :thumbsup:


Damn, is the contest over before it starts :sad:…after that machine flesh entry what is one supposed to do now?

Cant wait to see what you do anyways, and Good luck! :thumbsup:


Well, as I’m going to try to make my work in the few hours of spare time that I have, forgive me for my quick and dirty sketches :slight_smile: I really have no time enough to make a clean up and I hope you can understand more or less my idea based on it. Here we go…


some more…




HIHIHIHH!:slight_smile: the little gitl is so nice and the creature is so desperated…Very nice…i think this will be great!


In the MachineFlesh Challenge the subject of my work was a little too heavy and deep in the meaning. So, for this challenge I decided to relax and have some fun :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s my story:

My scene will be a comic scene, showing a little fat girl (the master) commanding her big friend, a mutant Kangaroo (servant). Instead of use her servant for some noble cause she just want to use him to steal food :slight_smile:
She uses her big lollipop as instrument of command while his big servant steals some hot dogs. In the foreground you will see the big mutant kangaroo running away carrying his master. He have some hot dogs in his hands and runs under the command of the little bastard, LOL. In the background you will see broken hot dog car and a lot of hot dogs in the ground and the owner of the car swearing at the “criminals”.

Instead of use cartoon characters, my intention is to make a scene with realistic (but caricature like) characters and my focus will be in the movement and facial expressions.
Will be great to create some detailed characters in a different and comic context and I’ll exercise two things I like a lot: realism and cartoon.

I hope I can have some fun doing this scene :slight_smile:



great idea,this is going to be a cool piece. :thumbsup:


fantastic!!! very powerful and expressive :bounce:


Hahaha… I like that… and I know you into your sketches… this subject is yours :buttrock:


Great idea ! I hope you will make it as cool as it looks to be ! But I think this will be not a problem for U !:thumbsup:


Awesome idea Kris!

Hope you get to finish it


Hi Chris…This will be quite the pair…very rich in flavor…The fun aspect and the realistic toon (caricature) style will be just the right thing…my favorite too…looking forward to seeing you bring this to the 3D World in style…:thumbsup:


promise a wonderful work… nothing to say now, just excellent caricature and sketch… I imagine that your work will rock again …




great idea… should bring alot of laughs…
sketches show alot of detail… can’t wait to see the kangaroo in 3d ;p