Master and Servant 3D Entry: Krishnamurti M. Costa


Here the hand already attached in the hot-dog guy. Still need adjustments in the clothes there.


And here the poor guy crying with the last intact hot-dog in his hand LOL :smiley:


Excellent work Kris , it seem you definitively adopted Zbrush for all works.

The left hand seem to be too turned towards exterior , may be it’s a visual effect , but its position does not seem natural .

Keep up :slight_smile:


This pose don’t need to look “natural”. He is contracting his body in this pose (tension in the hands and shoulders) and my intention is to make it looks unnatural. I took picture of myself and I discovered that I can make the pose even more unnatural :slight_smile: Take a look in the attached file :wink:

Will look better after I correct the clothes in that area of the arm.



nice update Kris, the hand looks brilliant, nice wrinkles and skin tones…
To add to the feeling of tension in his body, you could make the hot dog hand grip more tightly and you could also add some indentations to the hotdog where the fingers are squezing it.


Been a little while since I checked in. Excellent work! I particularly like the hot dog vendor. Very expressive and the pose is spot on. The only thing that sticks out for me is the hand clutching the hot dog. Seems a little loose. The middle finger looks like it should be wrapped around the hotdog a little tighter. Keep up wonderful work. :thumbsup:



I totally agree man! For the final version I’ll deform the hot-dog too. This way it looks like made of wood :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!


Antropus he should be using gloves (at lest plastic ones) that looks rather unhygienic :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m about to cry now…
how do you do it???

INCREDIBLE work, congratulations! I love the saturated effect on the picture.


very nice Antropus !!!
the hand it´s great:thumbsup:


oh god those hands…THOSE HANDS :scream::buttrock::cry::banghead:;):drool:


Ok ok ,
But its not exactly what i would like to say , ok for the unnatural pose .
That’s seem to be an impossible pose , may be it’s the shirt elbow area which give this effect . On your photo the arm curve is more natural although the pose itself is not natural ( i hope i’m clear )
More clear : the skeleton constraint seem to be wrong :wink:

But it’s just my feeling , it’s possible i’m mistaken .

I’m waiting your clothes corrections :slight_smile:


It is great ! As usual !


too good antropus too good… always fantastic work to learn and enjoy from… great stuff


hmmm,Great Kris! i like the mood,but y he’s shouting and like saying"ouch!".

aND the texturing! how do u paint these fantastic skins?ZBrush/Photoshop,…?:thumbsup:


I feel that way too. :cry: Antropus, your work is just amazing. And inspiring! :bounce: It makes me want to work harder on my own humble entry. I just hope that I can reach half of your skill level one day.


:thumbsup: not much to say man, this is good… or this is going to be good. keep it up! :bounce:


[color=pink]your style is so illustrative*characteristic so nice.your element are looking good.your project is going very well.:thumbsup:[/color]


m sorry to tell u but its not good… its awesomse!! (:gotcha:) its comming along really great man… u really are fullfilling our expectation… the cloth shader of the hotdog man is looking really good and i really like that expression on his face… but i think the postion of his left hand could be better, its just me tho… keep up the good works man… :thumbsup:


Hey man, making progress, you’ll have to show me some of that awesome zbrush texturing, I want to know more about that cravice shader you told me about the other day. Looking great for a guy that laughs at everything… oh wait, that’s me :wink: