Master and Servant 3D Entry: Jon Bennett


Jon Bennett has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Master of Puppets - Final


At the edge of time and space, in the lost city of bliss, the master of puppets holds his court.
all those wishing entry to the city must go before the master for judgment,
those found worthy are granted entry, those found wanting, are dealt with by the blind master and his puppet for trying to decieve the great puller of stings, who it is said that every soul has a sting of his attached.


just a fast sketch to solidify the concept and very roughly where im going with it.


a nights worth of modeling and a sketch render of my…puppet, :slight_smile:


afterthought…the head in the render is just a place holder…thats what im going to do next.

edit, and feet of course! cant forget those…


modeling wip and basic pose of one of the main characters.
the scene is going to be comprised of only a few characters, the master of puppets,the puppet, and maybe a few non descript types to help drive the story,“which of course im still working on, :)”

going to try to get the main characters roughed in pretty well before i start working on scene elements.


Hi Jon. That’s some awesome modeling you’ve done. Good luck. :bounce: Claireabella


wow! That is what I call a big boom for a beginning:) Great start. The model is awsome!


Yep, great start. How many days you spent to create this model until now? Looks like you are a very fast modeler.



thanks for your comment’s all, :slight_smile:

“antropus” im kinda fast…i started it last night at about 7:30…course that was almost non stop till i posted it. :twisted:


some more modeling and scale adjustments,and some test renders.

everything base modeled in zbrush, then more detailing in max.

also some basic test posing to how everything is going.

haveing alot of fun with the challenge so far, my basic story and premise is that the puppet master will be old and weak but in control of the powerful marionette.
will fill the basic story out of that, lol.


oh god man,u are here too…omg:buttrock:waiting …you are crazy:buttrock:


another test render, got to start thinking about scene setup…


Coool modeling. WOW!!!


Wow this is breathe taking modeling man unbelievably clean and so perfect… such a cool character you have on your hands here man


better wires of the puppet model.


Just a base texture workup,
mostly made of shading around the edges, and some decaling.
on the puppet im keeping the txturing to a minimim and using modeling for detail,s , i plan on using most of my texture overhead on the rest of the scene and the puppet master.


oh boy! :eek:

Amazing model man!, such amount of detail… wow!
keep it coming mate! :bounce:


insane details you’ve got here ,truely great work :applause:


fantastic modeling :applause: :applause::applause:


Wow, really good built model. Very dynamic! Great anatomical sence!

my MASTER/&/servant XXX