Master and Servant 3D Entry: Jimmy Kort


Jimmy Kort has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: New skinned alive look

Can’t decide wether this texture is better than the last one i put on her…the last one had rotten flesh on her head, this one is more like kept clean, but eaqually painfull…hmm, please help me out here…


This is practicly the fitst time i’v encountered 3dsmax. I’ve been doing some tutorials and i figured i’d try to make something for the challange.
All you guys must be laughing if you see my design, but he…gotta start somewhere…i’ll update the model every day. Please comment on my faults and some encouredgement is welcome to.


I’ve put some textures on the big fella.
I like the colors…but if you have some suggestions…please…


Hi Jimmy, cool mech to start with dude…My advice is to really go nuts on the details. Have you got a concept going yet?


Yes i have, but the drawing i made in flash…is quite different from the actual model in 3d…
the idea is to make the big guy kinda bossy…the little robo’s are sort of slaves to him in a rather freaky world. I’ll show it tomorrow. Thanks a bunch for the reply!


Cool man, I’d suggest trying to find as many various mechanical parts you can for inspiration, and reference. It always helps me.


Looks good already, somehow minimalistic :curious: . I hope you`ll keep it up like that.


It looks very nice, but don’t think i can keep up the raytrace madness…does anyone have a suggestion on how to replace the raytrace but keep the effct…look at those legs…took the computer 6 minutes to render a small image like this…what shoould i do?


My computer just died on the efford it made to render this image with textures…hmm…have to adjust it now…here’s the model so far…i still want more details…it’s just that my computer doesn’t want any more…haha…i’ll keep trying…any comments? how does he look so far?


13 minutes of rendertime…but it’s worth it…for me at least…
This is the master robot that will control the little ones. himself being controled by the human mind.
That will be the next fase and will be posted shortly.


This is the early model i am working on now…he is gonna be the master of the masterrobot…but he himself is a slave to the robots…so who’s enslaving who?
Any suggestions for the head?


This is the early model i am working on now…he is gonna be the master of the masterrobot…but he himself is a slave to the robots…so who’s enslaving who?
Any suggestions for the head?


Still not complete…but some textures make it look better, haha.


It’s starting to take form now…this is the master…now i need to model his bodycocoon…got some cool ideas, but takes a lot of time…but he…it’s cool work…any comments??


Now his cocoon is almost ready…i need to wire him up to his nervesystem and ad some cool details. after that i’ll start on the lowest guys in this foodchain…or aren’t they?


adding scenery so i can hook him up to the system.

any comments?


This is a part of his throne (so to speek). From here he controls his servants.


Hey Jimmy, you’re really going places fast…Have you got firm objectives in mind for the direction you’re going in?
What application are you using? In place of the raytracing, for testing out things along the way you could connect an image to the reflection in your metal shader…and turn off reflections to cut down render times. Also, it can be a great way to create the appearance of an environment…
Keep up the good progress man:thumbsup:


Thanks for all the tips, but if you could explain some things to me…that would be great…i hanven’t been working with max so very long, so i don’t fully get what you mean with the shader…am i rendering wrong?



No mate there’s nothing wrong with your renders…You said that they were taking too long and I saw that you could cut time down by replacing the reflections with a map instead…

I don’t speak max very well but in Maya theres a ‘reflected colour’ channel that you can plug any texture into so that your object appears to be reflecting an environment. It wont improve on the final effect you’re after but it would help with the visualisation process along the way by cutting down render times while still giving you chromey goodness…hit good ol f1 mate and ask max to tell you

Good luck mate