Master and Servant 3D Entry: Grigorij Eugenievich Sukhov


Grigorij Eugenievich Sukhov has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Inobvious Superiority or The Nature of Power

Render, but consider it a sketch. A bit different from original sketch composition. But when I pulled all 8 characters togather my PC showed me white flag. So I decided to keep only 4 or 3 characters (2H+2M) or (2H+1M). Yap, I know this image is ugly. But It’s just a scketch. (bad rigging, bad lightning, bad compositing e.t.c). Gonna be much better in final image, have no doubt.


Sorry, I can’t draw.


Here goes something I’m good at, and what I like to do. MODELLING A MONSTER, what could be better!


That great.

How long did it take you?

I’d love to see a closer image of the torso. I like how the flesh blends into the mechanical.


very good, and your drawing isn’t so bad either:applause:


Like the skin textures on the monster. Look forward to seeing more.


superb, exelent modelling.

Tak dalshe dershi, Grisha :slight_smile:


Here is some explanations.

The first thing I desided to do is ask my friends some questions about the nature of master, slaves, servants, power e.t.c. Their answer was (in few words) “Master is the one who has the biggest gun”, or something like that. I disagreed with them. Because it’s not nesessery to threaten someone to gain the power. Here I started to think about “the Nature of Power” part.

THIRST. Power comes from different “places” in different situations. Like, you can put a gun to some ones temple, or become a president (a cheirman, a member of parlament, a cop e.t.c) or be smarter than other people and trick them to gain the power (=become a master =make’em to be your) slaves. In other words power can be “given” or “gained”.

SECOND. There is a question: what is Power? Where does it comes from? My answer: There can’t be a master without a slave, and there can’t be a slave without master. They are connected. [color=red]BUT, it depends on slave to decide if he/she agrees to be a slave, or not. Slavery also can be “given” or “gained”. In any situation a person can refuse to be a slave/servant, even if it will cost him/her a life (or else). So the power is a part of master and a part of slave. [/color]

THIRD Here I begun to think about [color=red]“Inobvious Superiority”. Everething is simple here. I just remembered peooles like [/color]Spartakus, uprisings in Russia (Pugachov), different revolutions and so on. I was thinking about people who raised against their masters. The Fact: All these MASTERS are didn’t expect that, they were too self confident, many of them payd their life for it.

So I wanted to show the complexity of MASTER _ SLAVE relationships. I wanted a complex scene. I don’t think too mucj about emotions here, because all of them are obvious, and architypes are sipmple. I’m more interrested in showing these relations as deep and wide as possible.

The situation you can see on the sketch (sorry for quality) is following. There 2 groups of characters: human soldiers and nonhuman soldiers (DT). Nonhuman soldiers have won the big fight and took few POWs. There 3 Nonhuman soldiers (2 privates and an officer). There 5 human soldiers (4 privates and officer). Nonhumans made the human officer to kill one of his soldiers (just for sadistic fun) and trying to make another soldier (private) to kill someone else. Looks like he’ll agree after all. The officer is sitting infront of dead soldier, he is in despair (guilt, fear and so on). The main oppositions of the scene are:
Officer vs private:(the first from the left - he holds a knife, looks like he is going to attack non humans, he is not AGREE TO BE a SLAVE, and his officer does)
Group of nonhumans vs group of humans:(one gruop is master, the other is slave - everything is simple)
[color=lime]Nonhuman officer vs nonhuman soldiers[/color]:(he is superior, but his power is given, not deserved
he looks like too clean, too aristocratic (not sketched yet) he didn’t take part in the fight, but nonhuman soldeirs and human soldiers obeys him (often happens in real life).
Soldier (the first from the left) vs everybody else: He does not obey to enyone in the scene, he is by himsealth (herioic type).

Now I think I’ll ann another human character. This character will be expecting a command from herioc type soldier. (Or may be not, I’ll think)

If you were able to read all this to the end:

Good luck
Sorry for my english


to dmonk

I’m not evil


A shot of negative haracter.
I finished with organics. Now I’ll finish some mechanical stuff and modell a weapon.


Here is how I was starting. I always start modelling characters with splines.
It’s just the most logically right way from my pint of view.


I don’t think your evil, Actually I think your really talented and thanks for the additional shot of the character.

I like how the flesh from the lower torso wraps around the mechanical breast plate. I also think the legs are very well done in how they go from something recogniozable to human right into something very alien.

Good job buddy. I hope you didn’t think I saw you as evil.:smiley:

P.S. did I spot and XSI viewport?:thumbsup:


to dmonk

The chest plate is just armor, it’s not integratet into body. (I just don’t sure about word “wraps”).

What is XSI Viewport?


For a second I thought you were using XSI to create the image.


To dmonk

Oh I see. I used 3DS Max


Playing with facial expressions now. Not satisfied yet.


Finished with modelling this character.
Gonna post some new screenshots of him.


A new shot as promissed.


And the last one for now.


Hey suk-grigorij this is fabolous character…I really like and specially I like the face is very strong!!
meybe in the center of neck the texture need just little work, but i’m not sure.
Aniway good luck mate and i’m wait for your next updates!!:thumbsup: