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Gijs Leijdekkers has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Mastermind : Love

Here’s a new final… I think it may be a bit better than last night… :slight_smile: Because of the noisy stuff, it may look a bit more photoreal… :slight_smile:

Thanks to all people who checked my thread, and even more the people who even replied! :slight_smile: You are my heros! :cool:

I hope you (still :wink: ) like it! I can’t wait for your reactions!

Have a nice day! and everybody else who participated: good luck in the voting! :slight_smile:



Hello dear CG-friends :slight_smile: ,

Unless you may have been thinking I had ‘cancelled’ participating this challenge, I really have been buzzy with cool ideas. I just wanted to first think of all aspects of a good image for this challenge, before I submitted ánything about it.

This is the third challenge I run around here, and the 4th big one (I also participated a Boxx-challenge on last year). Every time I see it as a really big adventure: something to make something cool for, and also make my mind do a nice job…

Owkeey, lets begin talking about thís challenge!

Imidiately after hearing the theme, I knew this challenge would have quite very variing concepts, because (in my eyes) the theme is far more abstract then themes of before. That’s also why Í immidiately planned to make something ‘more abstract’ and arstistic then before…!

Under here I have some ideas that I made while ‘brainstorming’ about the theme:

[li]A scarecrow (‘Vogelverschrikker’ in Dutch :bounce: ). The scarecrow would be the master, the birds the servant. I especially planned to create a moody colorpallet[/li][li]‘Queen of my Castle’. An idea I had before (after hearing the song ‘King of my Castle’ while a booooring lesson :wink: ), but that I maybe could use in this challenge. This image would be kind’a ‘average’ ‘hot-chick & dragon’ in front of a castle…[/li][li]‘Ratcatcher of Hamelen’ (‘Rattenvanger van Hamelen’ in Dutch). This is a fairytale that’s quite well known around here. The master would be the ‘man with the flute’ and the rats would be the servants… I especially planned to input some ‘Anton-Pieck’-style in this image [example of his work] , and choose a nice level of detail and nice colorpalet.[/li][li]‘Oogie-Boogie-likey character’. Nightmare Before Christmas-fans will know who I’m talking about. :slight_smile: This concept would contain állot characters that together form a really big one. So at the end all characters would be working together as servants.[/li][li]‘Medusa’. I’m almost sure that this theme is used before, but unless it would be an idea… :wink: Medusa as master, snakes as servants…[/li][li]‘Pregnant Mother’. Mother as master, child as servant. Both with the same expression, so that you can see they are ‘connected’. By the way: the baby would be still in the belly. I planned to ‘cut-open’ the mothers belly in a circle-form, so that you can ‘look inside the belly’.[/li][li]‘Mastermind’ > check under here[/li][/ul] MASTERMIND
I think this idea is the far most creative/original/expressionive of all ideas.

[i]‘You see a boys head / face, with right on his forehead an ‘in-going-shape’ of a heart. In this shape you see a really cute girl, thats shaped of the same skin. The girl is the master, the boy the servant… At the time the boy thinks of the girl, his mind is just in power of the girl… He can’t think of anything else… Now he reaaly knows what love is…!’

[/i]I got this idea when I was special for this challenge, taking a ride on my bicycle, to the 30-minutes-away ‘Bergen op Zoom’. In the most awesome bookstore I éver saw, I saw the book ‘Amerika’. In this book where some reeealy cool portrets of all kinds of people… That where the inspiration came from.

Íf I choose this idea, I’ll mainly use it to ‘focus’ on Sub Surface Scattering, Photorealistic things, and model faces with personality… Because thís time I don’t have to model complete cities, I’ll try to take as much time as I can to make it just PERFECT…!

I think I’ll post a concept-sketch tomorrow… I hope I’ll get some reactions soon as possible, and hope you’ll like my idea(s)…

Have a nice evening or day or whatever :wink: ,

Nispen, Holland


hey gijs, quite a few ideas you’ve got there :D. The mastermind idea is really good :). I like the scarecrow idea as well :slight_smile: You could make him really evil :stuck_out_tongue: or make the birds master over the pathetic scarecrow :slight_smile:

Good luck!, I’ll be watching :smiley:


Nice to see you join in Gijs…You got quite a bit of a selection there…I think your choice mastermind has the right stuff…and can be interesting for this challenge…You can really focus on the theme with this…Nice to see you back in and good luck to you…:arteest:


@ nix0r :: Thank you for thinking with me! :slight_smile: I’ll think about furthur possibilities with the various concepts, but I think I’ll stick to the ‘Mastermind-idea’, because I’ve got the feeling that in thát concept/idea all things perfectly would match together… :slight_smile: But in every case thanks for your time for checking here :wink:

@ Virtuoso :: Thanks for the reply, Michael! Thanks for your interest in my stuff, and convincing that the mastermind-idea would be nice enough! :wink: I’ve checked your thread some times, but never have had time to reply and really read all important stuff… But in every case I’m (again :slight_smile: ) really interested in your work! :slight_smile:

I’m a bit buzzy with some exams I have upcoming week, so that concept-sketch won’t be online reeeeally soon, but within a week it’ll be online :slight_smile:

Are there more people with an opinion? :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Greetz, Gijs


And here finally ís the sketch I promissed!

I scanned a sketch into Photoshop, overpainted the lines, added some (simple :wink: ) shading, added some color… and then it was 2 hours later…! :wink:

I hope it will give you some idea of what I’m trying to make. Be sure the final should be looking quite nice shaded and photoreal… To me this challenge will especially be (if I pick this design at least: which is 99 % chance :wink: ) a big study on SSS, realistic texturing, modelling personality etc etc.

About the ideas I told you in my first post: some people made me sure it would maybe be better to take them offline, for in the case ‘people would steal that ideas’ (that people that told it to me, thinked that this concepts were quite ‘outstanding’ creative :slight_smile: ).
I’m not going to do that because I feel I should trust all people who read this, but for in the fact you were about to ‘take over the ideas’: please don’t… Be original yourself :eek: :wink:

I think there will be some real 3D stuff soon: I have weekend now (after a buzzy week of exams), so I’m gonna relaxt (> read: CG’ing :wink: )

Greeetz & Have a nice day / night,


Are there really nó people with an opinion around here? :frowning: :shrug: :wink: Please post what you think of the stuff I got till here…! :slight_smile:

I’ve weekend now, so I think I’ll try to be working on the challange the full day… :slight_smile: First some minor preparations, and then I’ll begin modelling the mainhead :slight_smile:

Updates soon :slight_smile:

Again: please post if you like it or not, or whatever :wink:

Greetz, Gijs


Sad that nobody took time to reply… :shrug: :wink:

I’ve been to ‘Bergen op Zoom’ tody, again… Almost just alone for looking for the ISBN-number of that ‘cool book’. So now I have it (the magic number was: 3-8228-3504-8 :applause: ), and I searched some on the internet about the photographer.

The book was of Andres Serrano, and it seems he’s quite famous because of his ‘Piss Jesus’-artwork (unless I didn’t know him before :blush: ).

His artwork is quite inspiring… I want share some work of this great guy, with you:

© Andres Serrano!

© Andres Serrano!

‘Piss Discus’ - © Andres Serrano!

Especially that 2nd and 3th one could be inspirational for this ‘Mastermind’ project…

That second one because it shows how I’d like to light and color the photoreal final.
That third one because I’m thinking of making various finals… To be more ‘artistic’ I’d like to try some with ‘bringing the model into interesting liquids’. Instead of piss I’m thinking of water (so allot airbells all around ‘stuck’ to the model… Like ‘Black Marry’ of Serrano, but sadly I couldn’t find that one to show you what I mean), or pink-colored ‘piss’… :slight_smile: As you’ll see I was inspirated by Serrano’s stuff to think of ‘other finals than just photoreal’.

I’ve began modeling the ‘mainface’ in 3Ds Max (5.0 :wink: ). But at this moment I’m not really satisfied with the topology, ánd I wanna have some sleep within 10 minutes, so I’ll be posting screens/WIPs of that stuff later on!

I hope thís time somebody will reply about ‘the progress’, and I hope you like my ‘different’ ideas.

Greetz & Have a nice day or night :wink: ,


Hi, my friend. Love your concept. Need to see moreeeeeeeeeee, surprise me with new images, mate.

Best regards


@ Ilusiondigital :slight_smile: : Heeey mate :beer: :twisted:, thanks for the comment…! :slight_smile: The fact yóu even like this ‘concept’, really motivates me! :bounce: Thanks for the reply, my friend :wink: :slight_smile:

I’ve been quite buzzy with modeling and so on, the past days. I first had made a head model, but I concluded the topology was really awefull, so yesterday I completely remodelled it! WIP shots soon! :scream:

PLEASE ‘keep’ replying… I do really wonder if you guys (& galls :twisted: ) do like my ideas! :slight_smile:






I find all of your ideas cool, and I think you have chosen the most challenging and interesting one. I’ll be interesting to see how you place a girl inside the head of a guy, and avoid making it gruesome or monster like, which from I understand is not your intention.

I am interesting in your texturing also, because I am interested in realistic skin myself.

Good luck!



Ok Gijs…bring it now…I like the choice…you have some nice options…You made a very good one…i believe to be the right one for this praticular challenge…So bring on the show…See you than young border watcher…:wink: :arteest:


Finally a real update :slight_smile:

I’ve been quite buzzy with modelling the main geometry for the head of the boy.

A week ago I started with a box that I kept dividing (manually: by cutting and so) to get a good basis, but I saw that the topology was reaaaaally bad, so I started all over. Here you can see the progression-cell of the second ‘try’.

Image 1) I started with a rectangle, that I turned to an editable poly, and with the shift-key and the weld-option I extruded and welded the ‘2D main shape’. By the way: I did this without a blueprint or so, just with a mirror and some ‘basic drawing knowledge’ :slight_smile:

Image 2) With the softselection option I moved the vertexes in the Z-direction, to get the mainshape in 3D

Image 3) I detailed the geometry and tryed to make the mesh better. I also extruded to the back of the head, so that it is now a complete closed mesh.

Image 4) After some more moving/detailing I came to that :slight_smile:

Modelling this shape till here took me about 4 to 5 houres I think.


Just a smoothed & (simple! :slight_smile: ) shaded version of the last head you saw in that last WIP-cell.


Some posts back, I posted some inspirational images, made by Andres Serrano.

Two days ago I did some simple render tests, and touched it up al little in Photoshop, to test if it was possible to simulate that effect. Also after allot of studiing the images, I concluded that it would be quite easy if you just render out a ZDept render! :slight_smile:

Be sure the model I used here is far from ‘the final one’! (in fact it’s the same model as in the modelling WIP cell, model 3) Making this test-image was just to do something different instead of all day long moving vertexes :wink:


Here you can see the ear I modeled independly from the head.

The first upcoming that I’m gonna do, is welding the ear to the head. Then making the heart-shaped-hole into the forehead. Because then the ‘rough’ geometry is finished, I’m gonna take the 1-iterations-mesh into ZBrush(2) to move the polys and so, till I’m really satisfied.

Updates soon, I hope… I’ve got quite an amount of sparetime now, so I will try to work on it as hard as possible! :slight_smile:


@ xric7 : Thanks for the enthousiams!! It motivates me to make the best of it I can! :bounce:

@ fer3D : Above all: thanks for making me sure I took the ‘best’ concept! :slight_smile: And about that ‘hole inside head’: yeah, you’re right that it could look a bit horrific (and that’s exactly nót what I want :shrug:), but we’ll see! :slight_smile: I’ll try to do best! And about the texturing: well, at this moment I’m thinking to make a simple unwrap of the head (only the visible parts!) and paint some ‘overall’ details on it: little bump and so on. Then render multiple renders, with different light setups and different shader settings, and combine (using ‘overlay’ and so) them all together using Photoshop. Then I can still ‘overlay’ some painting layers that I paint after rendering… :slight_smile: In that way I can ‘put the post to the limit’ and make sure that it wíll be photoreal! :buttrock:

@ Virtuoso : Thank you again for motivating me to the limit! :beer: And I’m really trying to steal the show! Thank you again so much! :slight_smile:

Everybody who checks this thread: thanks for the interests! :slight_smile: And everybody who’d like to reply, even more thanks!

I’m going on with modeling,

See you later (= soon! :cool: ),


Heeeey everybody,

First of all: I’d still like to have replies… It’s not really véry motivating to not have had any replies since the last 3D update, but I still am working on this!

Last (couple of) week(s) I’ve especially been doing ‘research’ and ‘study’ to realistic skin-shading, and Subsurface Scattering and Translucency, to research how to manage a believable photoreal-skin.

Also I’ve been working on a ‘small project’ in ZBrush (was meant to be a 24-houres-project, but it ran out to be about a 1-week-project, and still it’s not completaly finished… :frowning: :wink: > when it is you’ll see it passing in the Completed-3D-art-galary!). Because of that, my ZBrush skills are now improved quite well… I’m now thinking of doing some more in ZB… Especially continuing modeling (in hi-poly) and rendering out displacement maps.

Updates soon! Please don’t think I’m not continuing or not working on this… I ám working on it, although it are mainly render- and shadertests…

But right now (tomorrow :wink: ) I’m gonna model on, so that within this week the model should be completed… After that I can make a-ver-lot renders (> passes) that I can Photoshop together… I cán’t wait for that really-cool Photoshop-part! :slight_smile:

Greetz & Please tell me what you think of it so far,


Hi Gijs…well done,you can give this some real nice touches,work hard and towards your goal here…The prmoise is real good with this…Nice start,a interesting one too…Z-brush is a fine tool to add to our other apps…keep pushing yourself to new hieghts as you are…i’ll be looking for more from you as you move on…work hard and well…And see you soon…All the best to you…:arteest: :beer: