Master and Servant 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Gerardo Damian Barbero has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Lord of the Depths

Lord of the Depths.
Lhotar Master of the underworld, it maintains the harmony of all the alive beings of of their world.
He is taken care by their three servants, they love him and for the master they are the most valuable
treasure, they live a relationship of affection and love.

Thank you another time for the whole help and the encouragement received during this challenge.


Hi smooth, again a other great 3d artist in this challenge, i wait your terrific pic:thumbsup:


good luck!
I’m waiting for first skethces :slight_smile:


The Criminal returns… :thumbsup:
Best of luck.


Hi gerado!
nice to see you here again!! can’t wait for your high detail modeling from you!! have fun and good luck!


Hey hey yet another big gun in the challenge! Have lots of fun, I know I will!



• Hello Damian! Welcome in!:beer:


Hello my friend! Great to see you here again. I can’t wait to see your work!


This is my idea, the master loves the servants and these to him, I try to give the feeling of contact between the creature and servants, i use this tentacles to accentuate this idea.
I have to made many changes to the shape of the master, but this is the general idea, the color is only for test.



& nice to see you again… “lovely” story you got there… can`t wait to see it form in 3D


theuni: hi men, tonight I am going to put some 3d modeling, good luck with your work!:thumbsup:


finish the body of the girl, i start with a basic model and export to z-brush to make the details, still need to model the face.


hey smooth-criminal… nice to see u here!:slight_smile: … a very touching concept … like the way how u shown the modeling steps and not to mention a great one!:thumbsup:


i like the concept
make a good 3d out of it


render of the girl body.


Nice model :wink: ; only C&C is in regards to the butt, which looks a tad big.


Great job Smooth!!!, I would love to be the center guy :thumbsup: .
I’m eager to see it done.
I’ll be looking you progress ok.
My Master And Servant


ArtisticVisions: thanks, i am going to retouch this part when the character is in the final position, i am planning to made this in zbrush.:thumbsup:
Miyagi: hey thanks! yes a lucky guy!!:twisted:


I have put all together to see how it looks, still needs moch work, correct some parts of the girls, proportions, the master is not going to be so human.
crit. are welcome.


Hey wonderful job, you know you have interesting and beautiful style, I enjoyed your GSO, and now you are again making something interesting. Good luck to you, I’ll watch your progress indeed…