Master and Servant 3D Entry: Gerard Jaran


Gerard Jaran has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: An unusual legend

I wanted to thank you all for your comments, so I rewrote my story an made a presentation to it, my way of saying thanx, hope I didn’t do to much mistakes.

I really had nothing to do


Hey Gerard,

A fellow Canadian , good luck with the challenge.


Ok first step



Wow, look at all the Canadians:) Good luck Gerard, I’ve got to go do some thinking too now.


Ok this is only an idea, don’t know if I’ll go with it.
A hot rich babe giving a hard time to a servant (if I go with this I might do a robot as the servant), she holds a small dog in her arm doing the same as her.

I wanna keep this challenge simple cause I really wanna finish it but don’t have much time on my hands. Even if I’m going with a different idea I know I want to model a hot babe a bit like the Bunny Girl by Andrew Hickinbottom. And that way I can start modeling something.

Good luck again to everyone.


Ok, I think I found my idea, a bunch of puppets who are taking over their puppeteer and putting strings on him to turn him into the puppet, he his going to be face down on the mini stage and will look super scared.


Made a few sketches of the stage top and front view, and of the front view of my base puppet that I want to keep simple. I’ll just dress them differenly.


I love your idea man, one of the most orignal ones i’ve seen so far!
Happy modelling:thumbsup: and good luck!


That second idea sounds like a great concept. Is the puppeteer going to be laying sideways across the stage or wil he have been pulled though the curtains with his lower half backstage?


That’s a great concept, try to make the puppeter’s face really terrified :). I’ll be checking here to see new images. Good luck and have fun!


Well, just started the generic puppet, I will do all my puppets from this one, will of course put clothes on them, and change the face a bit for each of them


Oh… it must be scary image… Cool idea. I look forward to see it. :slight_smile:


Pretty much done with my base puppet, from this one I will do all the other ones. I didn’t put to much details since the clothes will add up alote.


Hey Gerard,
I see you have come up with a concept, the puppets rebeling against the puppeteer is very cool. Nice start to the puppet models too . :thumbsup:


Well I started “Polichinelle” one of my puppets don’t know yet how many, I’ll do. I’ll start with 6 then do the puppeteer and see from there.

Thanx everyone for your feedback, I really appreciate.


Was making some test for the texturing of Polichinelle’s suit, so I posted it


Nice start!

You might wanna pull the lips out a bit on the puppet though.

Good stuff :thumbsup: .


Thanx kanga didn’t notice it, but I’m planing on retouch after just wanna do at least 6 puppets asap so I can work on the stage and puppeteer (when i think I wanted to keep this simple)


I like the idea, with those puppets on a string, especially that comedia del arte-like one with the napoleonhat. They al look kind of freaky; is that me or is that how you want it?

good luck finishing your work. De Wolf


Nice work everyone!!!

Well this makes one puppet down, the strings and few retouch will come later, now to the other puppets, next hmmmm…