Master and Servant 3D Entry: George Kiparissous


George Kiparissous has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: the final

some slight changes in textures and shadows and this is the final image… Hope you like it and i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did…


I really loved the theme this time around… I work on three projects at the moment so the wip will be slow but i hope (for the first time) to get to finish… I want to use this challenge for personal artistic advancement mostly…

The idea that i had in mind was to create somekind of Dorian Gray style person (a person that always stays yound and pretty) and the women that adore him, wraped around his legs kneeling… Him looking towards the camera in a very arogant and ironic manner…

Or, turn the internal fight over to Dorian so that he will be kneeling in front of his portait crying and touching it gently… fear and despair will be the main characteristic of his face…

So… Wich one do you like most?


he there my friend! Great to see you here. Very nice idea, I can’t wait to see some first sketches. Hore to see you among the “I’ve finished!!” guys:buttrock:


Thanx a lot for the encouragment arturro…:scream:


Hey Icedeyes,
Good luck with the challenge, I see you already have some good ideas.


hey another greek in the challenge
good stuff will happen here

kali tixi


Good luck and have fun…

…kai h panagia sto portofoli sas…


best of luck in the challenge, im in same boat as you hope i finish this one aswell:twisted:


good luck man!


Hope you like it… Dorian will be the center piece of the image… he will be on some stairs… his portrait will be hanging over him rotting away so they painting will be the master of dorian and the women that will be hanging on him will be his servants… Two master-servants relationships in one pack… I hope i can make it in time…


Hi man …Very good concept-idea…have fun …

P.S…on thought only…just lower the angle of stairs a bit in your modeling session…they seem a bit too vertical right now…

Have fun



2 chicks? I kinda want to be Dorian now ;p

cool concept dude… I would move the camera a bit closer in


not much… just got off a project i was working on for 30 minutes and i started on dorian… not much to see yet but i thought i should try and steal some time away from work and get started on this…

have fun…

(While i am still working… ::cries like a baby::slight_smile:


some holes in the mess… long chin… will be fixed… enjoy and comment away…


fixed the mess a bit… started on the hair and will work on the ear soon…

C&C welcome


Hi George
i am happy to see more wingers here… :slight_smile:

good work so far,
what was your base object, cube or sphere? (it looks like a sphere for me)

crit points:
you got too much polygons in the ear area, neck should be a little bit thinner
and at least try to remove all 5 or more sided polygons. (for best smoothing results)

anyway, i like it :slight_smile:

i keep my eye on you


Its a double smoothed cube as a primitive and lots of new edge rings… Thanx for your comments… All geometry will be cleaned up later on… i will only keep quads in the end… I just work backwards most times… create a rough messed-up mess and then clean it up…

Thnx again for your comments…


it is a brave concept and for what i ve seen for now i think u can pull it off, good luck:thumbsup:


had a bit of more time during the weekend (not much) and i started on the body…


look good so far ,

cant wait to see more updates :slight_smile: