Master and Servant 3D Entry: gehry welty


Small update but impressive update… great expression on is face… good work Gehry :thumbsup:


alfred’s dumber brother

AIR, Proctavian, Artulik, Lemog … mahalo


:cry: why does my master not wearing suit,whyyyyyhyhyhy,The ease of texturing…
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Great stuff man.


this guy looks very scary. :scream: i like the clothes very mutch. nice to see another good cartoonish entry here. keep it up :bounce: :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t tell me that’s bruce wayne’s twin brother under the covers?..Guess he got the bad genes in the family. :wink:

I like the exaggerated neck and the creases on the pants rock :buttrock:


he is so funny :bounce: great !!


cool style man keep it goin. watchin the updates


I love that guy’s expression! Good character!:thumbsup:


Fantastic character Pigwater. Bags of personality and character. Great to follow your progress.


Great charater. I love his teeth…lol. Clothes look great too!

-I’ll be watching this one!


Wow nice work on the clothing. This is gonna be amazing :applause:


PIGWATER=svinjska vodica translated to croatian…hehehe
Cmon,updatez updatez… :thumbsup:


Very interesting progress! Do the best!


niceeeeeeeeeee character design and nice textures :slight_smile:


WOWOW…great expression! Those teeth…awesome… Also fine posing, really a storyteller one. Keep it comin man it’s too good to waste your time on other things instead of workin on this… :beer: :buttrock: BIforget.: Thanks for your support!


Wow! :slight_smile:

I love this guy. I start laughing when I see him. :scream:

Great job, pigwater.
Your style is so original. Just work on it. It says more about an artist then a name under the image :slight_smile:



Looking nice job here…coming very good job. for sure!!..I like the concept and the model…

keep bostic friend:thumbsup:



Hey Gehry
I said I fed up with demons but your butler is another demon. Aaaargh, deeemooons, demons everywhere. Get off BANG! Take this. RAT TAT TAT ! TSSSssssss…(silence).

What do you think about the end? Will master wake up? Will he be angry? OR frighten (because of the butler) :slight_smile:
Or have a heartattack and die?
Maybe servants die after a ruined bad joke disaster.
All the answers in the next episode (if there will be any)

Your artwork excellent man. I think I will give one vote for you. !!

PS: My nick can be spelled as (Kuz-ghun-og-lhu). Or you may just use “Kuzgun”.
It means “raven”. Previous long one means “ravenson”


thanks everyone… i appreciate the kind comments


AIR … svinjska vodica ?? … i like it

tremoside … he reminds me of donkey …lol

kuzgunoglu … the ending has to have a twist of course … so many possibilities :slight_smile:

thanx again everyone


a little bit more for …

EDIT …please ignore the belly button hole … more tweaking all over needed