Master and Servant 3D Entry: gehry welty


A very powerful image, i like it a lot


i just noticed… whats up with he forehead. it looks … colapsed!


updates updates! :applause: want to see some updates

don’t slow down as u are doing so well!


Great job dude!! :applause:
I really enjoy the look on his face hehehe. Some suggestions(if you don’t mind :slight_smile: ) : more visible veins on his eyes? and For the eye, maybe can lighting the colors around the dark of the pupils so we can see the dark dilate or something… (sorry, but hope you get what i mean, i’m not too sure how to say it, or even if what i said is correct. Its dilate right? :shrug: ) Still getting on really great!! :buttrock:


atwooki :thumbsup: … thanks a ton … for my next character i needed a girl … i haven’t really done one before, so i used your latest girl wire for a basis … at least it helped as i fished my way around … so double thanx for the help … need to change some things still … but it came out o.k.
flyinP … and i thought i had rough mornings :smiley: … good to see ya as always …
Virt … you always have such nice words … mahalos
squibbit … thanks, enjoyin your work as well and will be shooting over your way in a few when i have more time
ravendsg … the eye texyure there was a quick stand in … will heed your advice for the real thing … thanks :thumbsup:
to all the rest … thank you for the kind words and great suggestions …

pic coming


a head for a servant girl


Nice nice nice ! really good work here ! I can’t stand to see the next step !


a lot of temp stuff on her but the form is in place … just to let ya know i’m still pluggin away


nice work dude… looking forward to seeing more


Hey Gehry! nice modelling here … I like a lot the expresions of your characters … my only crit is that the articulations of the girl could be more pronunciated … I dont know if I’m expressing well the idea …
Anyway I think your making a great job here … I’ll come to see more …
Good luck!!



I really like the characters you have modeled so far. Great job, the old guy is marvellous. Good luck with this.


Cool style you got there, great work.


another concept . good & evil premise … in spite of her condition she is good - he is evil

i’m still not sold on my first concept and have been tossin stuff around … the girl above was created durin these fishing trips and wasn’t designed for the first concept …

i’ll decide on somethin soon … (maybe)


seems its only a concept i wont nit pick on the models… they are excellent just for a concept… although when are u going to pick something. im very keen on following ur work but there needs to be something to follow… alot of time has already past.

tilite… awaiting keenly:thumbsup:


Nice models! The woman has a nice peaceful, et sympathetic look to her. I personally like your original concept the best. Keep up the good work!


I don’t understand why you are leaving the first concept aside? As good as your modelings are for the last. I think there has been an efficent enough GoodvsEvil type stuff.
The end choice is completely up to you ofcourse. IT’s just I liked the first idea and had hoped to see more of it.

Would it be an option to sort of integrate them to each other? Like lets say you have that ‘bad guy’ sort of pulling her threads to abuse the power she holds over the old man.

Just a thought.
Your modeling is outstanding and I would like to see where you take it to from here.



hey mate im happy to see you here…i think the expression of the man on the left is very nice…hes got personality…good job man…ill be following your job!


Just wanted to soil a piggy to run Gehry run!!! to help to decide, print all possible concepts out, get some tape and put em on the wall, go get some dartarrows close your eyes and shoot wild around… uhm… let the last part away. maybe take a day off. go meet some friends go for a beer. come back with a refreshed brain… your sideconcepts rock, and whatever you deciede to, i bet it will be a great choice.
keep it up mate!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


sasha, rattlesnake & all the rest :slight_smile: … thanx …

the problem i was having was that in my mind ( and how it was headed) was that the servant/maid was killing the old guy … with a dark subtle creepy mood … but i don’t think that is good for here in this challenge …

so i took some time, tossed around 4-5 ideas and then steppd away … i got it now … i’m gonna do a variation of the first …

so … my concept is

LOOK BELOW :slight_smile:

spent today looking at textures, some light modelling and working things out … i’ll have a post sometime soon :thumbsup:


decided to take the lighter side of things …
lord farley is a heavy sleeper … while asleep the servants have a little fun