Master and Servant 3D Entry: gehry welty


I have to say that this is one of my favorite 3d styles. Love the humor and dynamics. This statement may be considered “fluff” to some but it never hurt me to receive great “fluff” from a happy client.

    thought i'd post some bigger shots for ya all


ROFL so many times here Gehry… You’re a legend mate:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Thanks for the most entertaining journey here mate… and good luck with the judging, You’d get my vote for sure;)

I hope I never get on the wrong side of you…


This turned out great man! I love the style… the characters are awesome. The lighting turned out really well too. I just wish I got to stop by more along the way.

You got a good chance. See you in the next competition.


You did a really funny scene, and character are very well done.
Very good.



yes but beware of the dark side … aka bacon :scream:


well the problem for me is all these tourist want to cook my butt for a luau …


Scary but funny at same time. Nice piece. Good luck to you.

  • limo


yeah I think it may have been misunderstood when it was noted that pigs have good taste :hmm:


yep … that’s why most of my friends are jewish :slight_smile:

been busy with real work so to the few i missed

wuxi_dakar, Christhatguy, maxim capra, jjdog, alex.h, theuni, tiburonsita, limosine  .. i appreciate your kind words .. thank you
eddieellis  .. yah it took a major turn .. just glad i finished .. thanx great meeting you and your work

davee thankx, great stuff on your web :thumbsup:
eddieellis … yah this thing did take a major turn … glad the outcome worked … thankx for your support
Virt … how did i miss you ?? … yah, i had 1 hour 8 minutes to burn …to close for comfort … thankx, your words are always to kind :blush:
DaddyMack … ditto … great to have your input along the way … cheers and best to you
cjewell … thanx , you got a great imagination and waiting to see what you come up with next

 3dRaven  ... again .. thanx for the alpha help .... i'll remember it forever :thumbsup:

if i missed you again … i apologize and know i mean well, my eyes are still fuzzy from the last two days of the challenge

ciao y’all


Gehry, you did a very funny and cool image. :thumbsup: :applause:
The characters are very expressive, all of them with a very clear message for The Master.
He he, poor Master.
Lots of well placed (and with sense) details.
Congratulation my friend, and good luck in the voting phase. :thumbsup:


Excellent image pigwater, very funny and well executed, congratulations and tons of luck for you, friend :thumbsup:


Good luck!!


Well, well, well, I think this challenge ended at exact time. Just because it seems Gehry has some more tricks hiding in the pocket and it ended just before he deploy all. Man, your work is so funny here and your last addition of combinating the joke material is overtly “comic”.

I say congratulations. You are both funny and dangerous at the same time, to have as an adversary in such a challenge. But I am waiting for the next one already.

See you in the next one I hope. :wavey:



I had lost track of this entry, but it turned out great and I think it is very funny.


still think this is brilliant Pig bro :smiley:


Thanx Gehry, for your comment, I hope to see you in the next contest.


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