Master and Servant 3D Entry: gehry welty


" Lord Farley is a Heavy Sleeper "

About the Image:

A humorous scene where the power in a Master/Servant relationship is reversed.

To emphasize this I chose a Master whose position and stature in life was seemingly dignified. One who seemed a cranky, boorish, stern type. I tried to support this with A: his title B: a self-portrait of himself as he sees himself in the world C: his surroundings. These were his “props” to define his character. Then, exposing his vulnerability, his weekness of when he was powerless; the fact that he is a sound sleeper and prone to sleep through almost anything.

For the servants I wanted characters that could and do present themselves in a civilized way on the outside, but inside their personalities lied a taste for the odd. This i attempted to support with A: the buck-tooth, donkey-eared butler who is probably the leader. A goof-ball sort of character who likes to laugh. B: The “photographer” with her camera, and the red-horned glasses. C: the “pickle-girl” , who is the youngest and probably learning and following along in the games with her big 'fro.

With these elements i tried to convey a condition of being human. We attempt to portray ourselves one way to the exterior world, but when no one else is around and we are all alone, our real selves pop out whatever that may be.

Behind the Image:

I wanted to do something where the power of the Master/servant relationship was reversed. This image came to me while i was stuck in traffic because a BMW SUV hit a guy on a motorcycle. The scene played out in my head and i started to see all they things these servants could be doing to their master while he was asleep. I was laughing all by myself and then i noticed the guy in the car next to me staring at me. So i figure it was a decent concept to do. The rest was just putting it down in bites.

The guy on the motorcycle was killed instantly.
So i guess the moral here is; laugh today because you could be dead tomorrow… or … don’t ride motorcycles.


If your talking about the final TIF Flatten the hell out off the pic first (collapse all layers) Then uncheck alpha, layers when saving…



thanks big time …you saved me 3dRaven … never knew 'bout that :thumbsup:

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NO probs. Godspeed my friend :thumbsup:


Great final BTW. Very rich in color and details. Lots of stuff going on and not to mention it’s one of the funnies pics this challenge has to offer :smiley:

Good luck.


thanks 3dRaven … in more ways than one …



Simply Perfect Gehry… Your picture is really a big pleasure fonr my eyes and for my mind…

…you have done something extraordinary… something very funny and in the same time, someting with a fantastic mood… congratulations mate, you’re a fabulous artist :thumbsup: :applause: :bowdown: :arteest: :beer:


loool - that’s a reaaaally funny pic, i saw it the first time. first i didn’t know what’s going on, but after i realized it, it made me laugh. nasty servants , hahahaaa — wooonderful :slight_smile:


Hi gehry…Congrats…you pulled a tightrope act…I thought my 15 hour gap was too close…but your’s…well thats a true close call… I wish you the best here,you came off with a fine and fun,and interesting take on the theme,and all well done…good luck to you…and all the best to you…See you gehry…:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


lol haha… excellent concept/idea amazing final image :applause: + :thumbsup:
…sorry I come in really late… but… congrats for your work !



I will wipe of the coffee from my screen, promise, so I can see ya image more clearly… :bounce: Good Luck :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! excellent work and very funny scene :bounce: :applause: . good luck :thumbsup:


just wanted to say to all those that posted here during this … it was fun doin this and getting to go through this together with new and old friends …

thanx again and hope i could brought you a smile … :slight_smile:


Wow! I miss a couple days and you finish. What a great image! Brought a huge goofy grin to my face. :smiley: Thanks! Wonderful work. The characters, background, composition…all are very cool. Nice consistentency in your style and color choices. Love the panties & plungers gag. :thumbsup:


Haha this piece cracks me up ! :thumbsup:

I really like your works all along the challenge and the final result is outstanding ! :buttrock: :thumbsup:

cya for the next :bounce:


Funny and very well executed piece :smiley: I wish you the best for the voting :slight_smile:


wow, thats a great image, love it,see you mate and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:scream: :slight_smile: :scream: Can`t stop laughing… great image and unique detailing… you got my vote 4 sure :thumbsup:


yeah…did a pretty good job at that :smiley:

glad you actually finally finished a challenge apart from that too :wink:


makaron … YES !! :buttrock: …
safeo5, cipher … you guys were there from the beginning , glad i could deliver something you like
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