Master and Servant 3D Entry: gehry welty


tremors … you got it … i got 4 liters of liquid caffiene, a nice pillow for my butt, and 50 hours to go … the only thing i don’t have is enough memory, but hey, who does??

ciao, gotta go, a render pop up :wip:


Memory…always these popups… but pillow “underbutt” is fine trick! Comfort for the final run!

Maybe one day coffee factories will give a new brand… 3Dcoffe-in “ultrastong coffe for 3D artists”

Keep it up and have a long day…:slight_smile:


Great stuff Pigwater. That background is awesome. Everything looks set for a fantastic final image.


Great advancements on the room pigwater. Love the high contrast shadows and lighting of the polariod. Give a realistic feel even though the characters have a toon sense to them. Great stuff. Waiting for the final touches. Keep those renders coming :thumbsup:


:bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce: …u got to love the duckies…on his belly:)


realy nice idea.
i love it.
keep going.:bounce: :buttrock:


wow gehry, those last updates are just excellent, the lighting is coming nicely and this is hilarous !

i really like your work on this piece, good luck to you man ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


you’re making it better with every post! :applause:


thanx guys … a lot …

all the happy little jumpy guys and thumbs up dudes are helping here … 4 in the morning and i gotta finish one render and start another before i can sleep … next time (?) i’m just gonna up-sample everything from a 640X480 render and photoshop the details in :argh:


Hey Gehry,
The background is great, the portrait really makes the image:thumbsup: :thumbsup: . This is looking great , and good luck.


It´s really a funny image and very well done, you are a talented person, congrats pigwater and good luck


Yeah, this is so great work - better and better for each update! Congrats for one of the funniest and sharpest images around. Good luck for your final :thumbsup:


UUUUU get youself another pillow then :smiley:


a little bit more stuff for your consideration …


the ol’ sun-burst method …


oops … forgot the main one


yay the pickle is back, love the G-string too :smiley:


mornin FP … yah gotta have a g-string in there some where … my question though is whose is it?? :hmm:


just checked and all mine are there :smiley: … :eek:


Excellent :applause: