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" Lord Farley is a Heavy Sleeper"

About the Image:

A humorous scene where the power in a Master/Servant relationship is reversed.

To emphasize this I chose a Master whose position and stature in life was seemingly dignified. One who seemed a cranky, boorish, stern type. I tried to support this with A: his title B: a self-portrait of himself as he sees himself in the world C: his surroundings. These were his “props” to define his character. Then, exposing his vulnerability, his weekness of when he was powerless; the fact that he is a sound sleeper and prone to sleep through almost anything.

For the servants I wanted characters that could and do present themselves in a civilized way but inside their personalities lied a taste for the odd. This i attempted to support with A: the buck-tooth, donkey-eared butler who is probably the leader. A goof-ball sort of character who likes to laugh. B: The “photographer” with her camera, and the red-horned glasses. C: the “pickle-girl” , who is the youngest and probably learning and following along in the games with her big 'fro.

With these elements i tried to convey a condition of being human. We attempt to portray ourselves one way to the exterior world, but when no one else is around and we are all alone, our real selves pop out whatever that may be.


master/servant relationship where the servant holds the power … old dying dude, the maid threatens life sustaining needs


Hey piggy#1!
morbid but cool concept, subscription ready, Go go go! good to see you’re in too! Let it rock mate!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Cool. The concept kind of reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe’s Telltale Heart, which has always been one of my favorite stories. I’m going to enjoy watching this one evolve. :thumbsup:


right and you are going to like finish this one ??? :rolleyes:



Oh, no! The other pig!

Cool to see you’re in - lovely idea cooking too. Hope to see it… er… you know… finished and all too.


hey 1st angel … it’s been a while … hope all is well in CH … beautiful, beautiful country … glad to see you survived those non-payin bastards

mattGyver … thanks … ya just the whole master/servant thing to me is dark …sooooo , i’m gonna go with that … see ya around & i’ll be hunting down your stuff

pig & wabbit are you guys trying to hint at something there?? LOL … i’ve flaked out enough … time to do it right … i won’t dissappoint ya all

post coming next


got a start on the old guy … nothing like a little oxygen deprivation to ruin your day


… glad to see you survived those non-payin bastards

“the return of the 1st_angel” was as predictable as any other sequel, since i am stuborn and totally cg-talk addicted :stuck_out_tongue:

go piggy go!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

your model is very very cool! looks like he really has his “last momnets” top go through


1st angel :thumbsup: … the only way in this world… ya gotta be a little stubborn to survive …


Sweet Modeling so far and I really like the idea behind your entry. Completetly different way to approach the subject.subscribed:thumbsup:


HoneyPiggy… you work so hard yet… another one fine concept… I love the pose of the old dude… his mask was very effective to follow easily his mounth… good material… and best luck to you mate :thumbsup:


dark ideas as i love them :slight_smile:

Cool concept i’ll follow this one man


Very refreshing concept and that expression is wicked :D… keep it up.

~ Reinier


[[ dmonk ]] … thanks, i appreciate it … karma comes back to him or is it just some twisted maid ?? … hmmmm … now you got me wondering

[[ lemog ]] such nice words … thanks for the wish of good luck , so many skilled artists like you here … it will be fun

[[ cipher & ranier ]] :thumbsup:

rule #6 has been playing on my mind

Any imaging deemed to contain content that depicts explicit acts that are overtly violent, sexual, cruel or brutal will be disqualified.

so while i have been working on this i have been thinking of an alternate piece … sketch is coming next


something on the lighter side


Really lighter than the other one… Personnaly i prefer the first… you should ask to the mods if this one can be accepted…although it’s cruel, it’s a very interesting idea…:shrug:


awsome model so far mate, diffinatly got a great glare going on


Ohhhhhhh, I can’t believe, pigwater is here :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Long time no see man… :buttrock:

I liked what you did, hope to see more…
OF course, I will watch you always :smiley:

Good luck


Yeah i prefered your first idea also… dont think its going to give you any trouble, but you can always ask a mod.

~ Reinier