Master and Servant 3D Entry: Frédéric DUBOIS


… i’ve modified the light effect, and added the priest to the picture …


Yep… good update man… the sun is really better… just remain the position… but it’s certainly a real choice to place it exactly in the middle… ça bosse fort ici… faut pas laisser refroidir alors :scream:
Vas-y Fred :thumbsup:


… thanks Lemog :thumbsup: … for the sun i’ll see after i’ve finished my master as my biggest worry is that my render fails very often due to the big size and my computer … i must make between 3 and 4 render before one is finish (many problems with the post effects of the software !) … and moreover tomorrow i can’t work on the project so i’ll try to finish before the deadline !


I’ve too some problems with the post effects in the full res of my pic… the only one solution for me was to render these effects alone… and composite them after in Photoshop… certainly due to the low power of my computer…
I cross my fingers for you Fred :buttrock:


Yeah it’s a beautifull work :scream: :thumbsup:


… i advanced my horse little by little …


… another view of my horse …


… used area lights for the conquistador as for the landscape …


… i rendered each main element alone (here the conquistador, but also the maya piest …)



Thanks everybody for your help doing my picture and your comments :thumbsup: ,
i haven’t access to the submit page many minutes before deadline so i couldn’t submit all my pictures:sad: , here the final image, i hadn’t enough time to finish it as i would but i’ll certainly take some time to finish it one day :slight_smile:


C vraiment sympa :slight_smile:
Dommage qu’on voit pas plus le bateau … D’ailleurs je crois que l’éclairage ne met pas assez en valeur ta scène :wink:


Vraiment bravo… dommage que tu n’es pas eu plus de temps pour terminer… vraiment beaucoup de boulot… 2 persos, 1 cheval, un navire… des statues et un décor de terre et de mer… un sacré challenge… et tu t’en ais vraiment bien tiré je trouve…

I hope you can take time to finish your very beautiful and interesting piece… then… it’s not finish but anyway, congratulation Frédéric… you can be proud :thumbsup:


@Elendil : Merci, pour l’éclairage j’ai été pris de court (d’ailleurs a la fin je croyais presque que c’était un challenge de speed modeling tellement j’avais pas le temps pour faire ce que je voulais :wink: ) …
@Lemog : Merci, on se donne rendez vous pour le prochain challenge :wink: … pourquoi pas sur ML d’ailleurs ! Ca m’a entraîné, c’est le but … je vois déjà tout plein d’erreurs a ne pas refaire pour le prochain challenge !


Here’s my final image for this challenge. I wanted to represent a scene where an Inca Priest is kneeling in front of a Conquistador believing he is a God. He gives him a sceptre, symbol of power. The sun falls behind the Inca pyramid to symbolize the fall of the Inca civilisation. I wanted to include each elements which made believe to Inca that Conquistadors were God : coming from sea with big boat, with horses and gun. Now the inca priest is kneelling in front of an human while a few time ago he venerated Inca’s god symbolized by statue behind the conquistador.


Hey Frederic,
I like the addition of the conquistador to your image:thumbsup: , tells more of a story to your image. I think the tallship is a little off perspective or size wise though. Good job on this and good luck.


Thanks mmoir :thumbsup:
Special thanks to the CGTalk team who acted quick in front of problems that some of us had to submit some minutes before the deadline :thumbsup:


I like your image, good work Fred


… happy to see you finally finished your picture … Good job :thumbsup:


@bouledpue, @3DForEverything : Thanks :thumbsup:


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