Master and Servant 3D Entry: Fernando Aracena


Samddl, thank you very much, you are very kind. This encouragement gives me extra energy and patience to work in the last days of the challenge.

Rodrigo, meu caro amigo brasileiro, thanks for the advise on the skin, which pointed me in the right direction and made a big difference.

Thank you Michael, you are very kind also. I will be uploading the final image late saturday or early sunday.

Melkao, hola compadre, tengo previsto hacer la mayor parte del cabello alborotado en post. Sólo dejaré el cabello actual como guia dándole movimiento hacia atrás. En cuanto al fondo tengo intenciones de darle una fuerte borrosidad de movimiento hacia la izquierda y abajo para reforzar la velocidad del vuelo.
(In case you are wondering, Melkao suggested more motion for the hair, and I explained that I plan to do it in post, as well as motion-blurring the background.

Victor: I tried a lighter wasp (thank you for the advise) but was not very successful. The thing is, I tried to make mine look really mean and dangerous. Right now, it is the combination of two wasps I caught in my garden, the inspiration lend by some highly detailed wasps I found in a google search, and my idea of something like Alien, the eight passenger, bursting out of a wasp. All together in one mean bug.



The wasp has now a furry head, back and legs.


The wasp and kid are now really airborne! I don’t like the black edges of the wings but I think this is OK for a first try. I will intensify the shines and reflexes, get rid of some of that black frame thing and see what happens.



I am planning to add some motion blur to the characters also, even at the expense of sharpnes. I find 3d images too “perfect” for my taste. I usually mess them up a little bit here and there to make them look more realistic.



Wings in place, need work. I expect to have finished wings by tomorrow.


Keep it coming fer…Close now…nice blur/motion look to the wings…Ill be watching for that final…best of luck…:arteest:


Hi Fernando. Good updates. :bounce:

I like the composition. I just think if the background is blured because the speed, maybe a motion blur, could be good too … But if the background is blured because the DOF, maybe it´s not be all with the same level of blur … more near to camera, less blur … :thumbsup:


You might have already thought of this, but I would eventually do something to the background. As it stands right now I can tell it’s an hdri image from lightprobe.
I love hdri lighting, it’s so much easier then dealing with GI.


Nice work, love your wings, the fingers are a bit weird and the hair on the ant is way to regular doesn’t look natural, otherwise very nice work.


Hey. I didn’t saw this thread before. It’s funny and well done. I like it. MAybe can you add some wind in his hair to add movement.


Hi, Vincent!

So, welcome to this thread! And thank you for your kind words! I am just about to upload an upgrade including messy hair.


Thanks. I will see what I can do about the hair and the fingers.

Joao Roberto and Rook:

I am working on a new background. Since we are allowed to use 2d imagery, I can try something more “realistic”. I will watch the different blurs also.


Thanks man! Your words are extra encouraging coming from a real Virtuoso such as yourself!



wonderful imagination keep it up


This hair is still only 3d. I will paint some extra hair in post to make it look more natural.

I also worked on the face expression. The idea is that the kid is having the fun of a lifetime.

Hope you like it.



Now can you see it?:eek: like i told you:deal:… the update in the hair look fantastic:buttrock:. Now he looks more natural, because the movement…good work man:thumbsup:


Yeah, with the hair movement is really better :thumbsup:


¡Tocayo!, ¡desde hace rato que no te visitaba! estás haciendo un muy buen trabajo, ¡sigue rockeando! :buttrock:

El chavito te quedó muy bien, y ese pelo funciona muy muy bien :thumbsup:


Manikantkujur: I am really glad you like it. Thanks!

Carlos, Joao Roberto y Tocayo: You were right about the hair. It was very important and should have been done before.

Now I’ll see about the background.



My dear friend, better and better, the hair is so good too. Congratulations and I wish you all the best for you in the challenge. Un abrazo muy fuerte Fer.


Now I am starting to work on post. I might go back to 3d to make some additions, adjustments, and -if time allows-, try new lights.



Working in post. I can’t believe I have thirty something layers in Photoshop.