Master and Servant 3D Entry: Fernando Aracena


Hello, keep going. :thumbsup:

Good proportion on the child, what software are you using? You could use something like relax from 3DMax. You have a heavy mesh, so a relax could give you a more natural look. Now show us your texture skills. I always say: I prefer a bad model with a good texture instead a good model with a bad texture … haha … no, i prefer a good model with a good texture. :smiley:


Hi Bonzato,

I am using Cinema 4d. The reason I have an extra heavy mesh in the cloths is because I plan to use a tool called clothilde to “conform” the cloths to the character. In clothilde, many poligons are desirable in order to automatically form the bends and creases, and save me some time!

And yes, I agree. Texturing is the most important part of the work for me too…



This is the mesh/bones of a second version of the child. I haven’t decided which one to use.



And here is the model of the child v 2.


I worked on this project during the weekend. I textured the cloths, started with the skin and the hair. I am not expecting perfection here, since I will be fixing some details in post later on. However, the face looks fake. I will try to lower the saturation later today to see what happens.



Hey, okay let me see if i can help you. The skin is to standard, you know, put some diferent colors, maybe a litle more red, some diferent tones. In the eye dont forget the specular, but wait a minute… What will we see in the final picture? Dont waist your time in things that we will not see. BTW i like the texture of the cloth. I prefer more dark shadows but this is a personal taste. Another thing is the nose, try to fix that, if you canot, just fix on the composition…give us a great picture man. Give your best. And think about the hair, with a big bug like that flying on the air… give some movement to the hair. Go go go, i hope to see more. :thumbsup:



Thanks for the advise and the encouragement! I’ll open the skin texture in photoshop and give it a shower of a redder tone with a dissolve brush to see if that helps! I’ll also add some freckles and higher the bump to see what happenes.

The eye material already have some specularity, but the lights are placed in such a way that they dont show…

I’ll try moving the light and lower the radiosity to make darker shadows and a hopefully more interesting illumination.

Yes, I will try to give some movement to the hair.

BTW unless there are better ideas, this is what will be seen. I’ll post another part of the scene in a couple of minutes to show more clothing and updated wasp.



Another view at the cloths. I added a discman (must be cool to listen to good loud music while you ride a wasp) Cable comming soon, when I decide on the final position of the head.



I think that a totally black wasp will look “meaner” and more natural than the red spotted version. So I am changing my plans. I will be adding detail to the wasp as time allowes. I am reworking the wings, which needed some serious improvement and (I know, I know, transparency ;))



This is what I have so far. I’ll work on the wings, lights, textures now, and hopefully have some improvements for tomorrow. I like to render pieces in somewhat high res because I don’t want nasty surprises when rendering the large final image (bitmaps not having enough res, and the such).



I fixed the skin following the advise and I think is looks better now. besides adding color and detail, I discovered that my antialias was blurring away much detail, so I lowered it.

I also fixed the nose.

The flying hair will probably be a post work.

I just discovered that there is a problem with the right thumb, so i am gonna fix it.

Many other little things have been added or fixed.



I fixed the shoe strings because I relized that they were too flat, added bump to the skin, added detail to the discman, changed the position of the knife so it can be seen now. I will add some detail to the bug’s legs now, add some hair, and place them in such a way that the kid can use them to support himself and not fall down.



I will be addind the wings later today. I won’t make them very detailed because I’ll apply a strong motion blurr to fake movement. Basically, I’m after a model of wing that will look convincing when blurred, that’s all.

I don’t like the jeans very much. I will work on that also. Here is the added detail to the discman.

Several other minor changes have been made.



Love it this one. Only one thing the bug is a little dark in my opinion.

Good luck for you.

Are you spanish Fernando??


NOw it look too much better…the new texture of the wasp…and good work with the child…keeep working:thumbsup:


Victor and Carlos, thanks for your comments. I am from Bolivia.

Good luck to both of you!

I think this perspective is better. I will add a very strong motion blur to the background in post, suggesting that the motion is downwards. That was the idea when I positioned the head looking down. Kind of a rollercoaster sensation.



Hey thats nice Fernando… Nice touch,and well done…executed well and done in a nice fashion…I’ll look in again as you near the finish…real good job here…interesting too…:arteest:


Hola…oye deveras que luce muchisimo mejor y me gusta bastante el fondo, el efecto de difuminado es muy bueno…:applause:
Por que no tratas de hacerle el cabello alborotado, pues se supone que esta volando no?
como si el movimiento del vuelo y elviento se lo sacudiera. Bueno…es solo una sugerencia:shrug:


very sweet image. great work :thumbsup:


I reduced the width of the eyebrows and eyelashes, which looked too black and unrealistic.

I also fixed the thumb.