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Ever since the Science teacher had explained wasps to his class, Marco had been secretly fascinated by them. They were flying killers, fierce and dangerous. One wasp sting was enough to paralize the much larger tarantula.

Marco, the dreamer, would get his own wasp. One day, he would find the monster trapped in the web of its worst enemy: The spider. It would be tired of fighting to free itself, and resigned to die.

The boy would carefully approach the prisoner, cut the spiderweb with his knife, and free the tired animal. Then, he would jump to the back of the wasp, and both would fly away together.

And the kid would speak to the monster: “I saved your life. Now you have to do what I say.”

The wasp would bow its head.

They would become friends for life. They would cross the sky defying the dangers of the gigantic woods, where all living beings are brothers and sisters. Master and servant would eventually become pals. And every afternoon after school, Marco the dreamer, would turn his MP3 player on, ride his wasp, and fly free as a bird.


Well, here we are.

Good luck to all. I can see some great artists from all over the world are taking part on this challenge.

Here is my basic idea:

A human or humanoid child (the master) is riding a gigantic insect (the servant). I envision speed, action, nature, adrenaline. The insect flies the kid around like it was a flying horse, or a flying bike. Only better. The insect is fast, dangerous, it has a stinger the size of a sword, and an exosketeton as hard as steel blindage. Better hold on kid, because you are in for a very fast and dangerous flight. (It is gonna be really fun. Much, better than the rollercoaster). May be gigantic flowers, may be some strange leaves could be in the back and foreground. I wouldn’t like the insect to be a bee. It is too common and predictable. Either a dragonfly-like insect, or a slick black wasp are more like what I have in mind.

At first, I though about some kind of story, or some outrageos title for the scene, such as “birthday gift” or “time of the giants”, but I am more inclined now towards just concetrating in the moment, the speed, the sensation of riding a bug at very high speed, and forget about a story. However, I believe I should try to show some kind of relation between both characters. Not one of opression (master-slave), but one of friendship. Both characters are enjoying themselves inmensly. Really having fun togheter.

I’ll be posting some skeetches in the comming days.

I am looking forward to learn a lot in this challenge!



sounds cool, i’ll be interested to see your concept.


Still needs work, but I’ll come back to it soon. In the meantime, I’ll be working on the characters.


Getting ready to model the head.


First wireframe of the head. Still needs work.


First test render. No skin texture yet. Need to fix the mesh and add eyelashes and eyebrows. I’ll probably change the eye color, since it kind of doesn’t work.


I finally can resume work on the challenge. This is the wasp the child will be riding. I am not trying to make it anatomically accurate. I just want it to look menacing, dangerous, and very “insect” like.
I will be working on the abdomen today.

My personal workflow is a little different from most people around here. I prefer to model, texture and illuminate the scene, all at the same time, because in my opinion, all three of them are very much interdependent.

In my experience, if you take only one step at a time, you could end up with some elements not looking as expected when, say adding the lights.

I prefer to put some basic lights first, then model some of the elements, and try some textures, before moving to model the next element.

Anyways, all crits are welcome!



Here is the wasp seen from a different perspective.


Very cool wasp my tocayo! keep it on! :scream:

¿de dónde eres?


Thanks, you are very kind!




I will add detail and make changes soon. For now, I will work on the child.



Wow very nice modeling and texturing

It looks great


hey man very cool your wasp and the idea. but why don’t to try to apply a more natural texture to the wings and the legs?:shrug:


Cool idea!!! The wasp is very good, nice eyes :thumbsup:

Why you don´t try a transparent wing?


Congrats my boliviano tocayo!

I agree 2 in the idea of transparent wings… and maybe some fur in the legs…
keep on rockin’!


Arlutik: Thanks man, I still have to work on the bug, but your comments are very encouraging. I love your entry also.

Melcao, JR Braz, Mosconariz, thanks guys, I’ll be making the wings more transparent and fixing the texture soon. I will also add more detail as time allows. Right now I am busy working on the child, and I’ll post the model soon!



I have been modelling the child.

There are 2 versions because I haven’t decided about the clothing yet. First, this is a detail of parts of the mesh.



This is the mesh, and this screen capture also shows the rigging.



This is how it looks like so far. This is version 1.