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Eyad Hussein has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Sketch 01

The very first sketch described the characters, place and theme…
Characters are the heart of heart, the glory of lake and the lake of dews.

It’s very quick sketch done for brainstorming stage.
You may have to read the story to understand the theme, thanks.


[left]Hello all :)[/left]

[left]Long time I’ve been busy with the company projects and here I’m back again to join the new CG Networks challenge. The good thing for me in this challege that it’s just two months and it will end in May. I’m sure that we all will have fun in this challege as usual, and I hope to stay with you all until the end of the challenge.[/left]
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[left]My best wishes to all of you :twisted:[/left]



Story: Earned Life
Theme: Fantasy
Characters: The heart of heart, the glory of lake and the lake of dews

Author: Eyad Hussein
Target: Master and Servant Challenge

Part One:

She was known that she will come; the glory of lake, the master of souls, the bereaved of sympathy. Cold eyes, soft heart touching the hurricane of dews she’s cried her of vanished hunch. On the part of shore where was begun, appearing in her brocaded vestment preparing for the next triumph, she said sarcastically: Who’s today will utter the emotions of life, the enlivened of souls? I’m the god of souls, whom put the pity in the spirit.

She was trying to talk, but her frozen tongue was the riddle of debate. Standing on lithe legs she’s stir the weak hand to illustrate the meaning of life, she drawn the heart what the cosmos fashioned for. Looking at her including the malice in the eye, proximate to her she said: I don’t know how do you strength the hand and essay to penetrate! I will sentence you to die.

I will leave yearn but omit the heart of heart, I’m the lake of dews. I born in yours, the bastard child who paid the life and endurance your dark seabed, but now I’m the tough I will freeze your tongue, so you will be like the whole.

This is the meaning of life, when anyone wants to voice or to attempt living as a child. Counting down the days it will be true, when the ice get thaw, when our words have to warm. Finally it’s just times; I knew its one life, but sorry for this soul which tried to live in this pallid flesh.


Wow! If you can do 3d as well as you write Eyad then you will have no problem with this challenge. Great use of words, I can’t wait to see your concept.



Hmmm, cant wait to see this…
Good luck eYadNesS


Just saying ‘good luck’, and hope you’ll find enough time to finish this, Eyad.


Hummmmm ! Interresting and tortuous story and concept. I like it a lot !:thumbsup:
I’m glad I got here ! It will be great to see you treads evolution. Good luck Eyad !:buttrock:


Shaykai: Hehe, thank you Shaykai. I’m doing the character design in this time, I will upload some sketches soon.

DaddyMack: Thanks, I will do my best in this challenge.

JamesMK: Hey my friend :slight_smile: Yes, I have two hours free everyday, I will try to finish on time. And good luck for you James

scootermaya: Thank you very much, and good luck for you too :slight_smile:


Part Two:

We are here from an epoch, when she appeared like the vile of dust. Come, entrance the kingdom of love, the heart is our emblem and the soul which we sanctify. Days out we trusted, the vile of dust! You will be the vizier of the emotions of love, and this is the icon which we preserve and we will give, the heart of heart we consent.

In eye, white burnish had occurred; I will instruct how to trust! By forged touch, everything will be smashed, no dust I’m the glory of lake, all of you will be my thrall if you have to risk. Don’t try to touch, the heart of heart we trust. I’m the bastard child the dust which you induct, now you are the absurd who I can to stamp.

Your servant, the lake of dews I am. The father of dust, the reflector of rights, you are the one who I trust. You grow in my inward, I know what I have regressed. I will freeze the spur of love, the tongue which I refuse, no love it’s the kingdom of malice, I’m the glory of lake.

This is the meaning of life, when anyone wants to trust or to give to pity for someone don’t deserve. I knew its one life, but sorry for this soul which tried to live in this pallid flesh.


That promises something of very extreme, of very powerful, near to cosmos. Just apart from the brain but close to the heart. To follow then… I’m extremly curious to see the next step… more… :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:
I will upload the final part (part three) today, then I will start on the sketchs.


Wow really good ideas there, I can’t wait to see it in 3D.
Good luck eYadNesS!


truly wonderful and inspiring story, congratulations:) I can’t wait for some 3d:twisted:
good luck


Eyad …thanks for droping by my thread…Wow thats totaly mind melting writings…im sure the 3d one will tell it to the eyes…:eek:


reiv: Oh thank u very much, god knows how much I love your artworks, most of them on my room wall. And good luck for you too :slight_smile:

arturro: Thank you :slight_smile: It’s still the third part of the story intro, I will post it soon.

yunisirees: Oh you sure it’s a mind melting writes, I used to write indirect stories for kids, it makes person to keep reading.


Part Three:

After I waked up, I saw the vile of dust! How the troop and the emotions of love I conduct, I’m the heart of heart that all hearken to induct. This is the kingdom of love, we save the soul in dew which gush, and this is the calm lake, we put in until it restock, the hurricane of dews I touch, then you come, you are the vile of dust! We don’t have time to debate, I will see you after me certain what I have done.

Please don’t draw up; the glory of lake will betray the compact and destroy the kingdom of love. We were in peace until this bastard child has shown up, and I’m the absurd lake, the fornicator I regressed! I’m the father of dust, myself I will conceal. Hide yourself the vile of dust, she’s come

We have the hurricane of dews to salvage; I will not, I’m the heart of heart that all trust! Please don’t masquerade; the heart will defend what we had made up. The orphans, the kids, the handicapped bunch, all that you have forgot. The soul of love you will ruin if you tried to beaten, you are the lake of dews that we pride to trust.

What you have done, the vile of dust? You don’t have to trust someone wants to perish; I will freeze this tongue that the vile of dust used to emit. I’m the glory of lake, I will affirm the existence. From this, all of you are the chattel that I will tread on and dictate to impact.

This is the meaning of life, when you are the king of boon and doing the good for them. I knew its one life, but sorry for this soul which tried to live in this pallid flesh.

I will stop here, this is the introduction of the story, and I will make my work in progress within this part. If you haven’t understood thing from the story, just tell me I will explain it to you, hehehe :slight_smile:


Hi Eyad! I just came to wish you a lot of fun and best luck, looking forward to a great work!

ps: this very very epic and deep poetic story will be very very interesting to see to come into shape and light. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


the1st_angel: Yes, its epic story and it has a lot of hard meanings, it will be demonstrate when I make it artworks :smiley:

And good luck for you too :beer:


hey so much text, read before go to sleep heheheh


You’re right! No more text :smiley: You will see images soon, hehehe