Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


Hey Evandro!

I like the compositon , the character expressions, but i don’t see the shadows, and the light kill some of the good textures. but i know, you just start the light composition.
I agree with monsitj, maybe make different between master and servant skin shade.

Great work!:thumbsup:

“Grande abraço”


Hi Wandddo, long time no see… Love the background idea, I’d suggest making the whole scene a little darker. Keep the great work coming:thumbsup: nearly there…


It´s getting better… Good work!

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Hi my friends:bounce:

Really I agree with all comments… I hurried when posting the first light test:banghead: … it’s was pure anxiety… sorry me guys:sad:… but now I made new tests and believe to have gotten better results…
Monsitj, JR.BRAZ, InTerceptoV, Miyagi, Alexfalchi, Diogo, DaddyMack, Praguer28 thanks a lot friends to your great support… really you help me :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I believe now not to have problems with the rules… I separated the central character of the body of the servants and now Swank is totally human… I also made human eyes for him…


I believe to have gotten a better result now… but there are still some plants for to be modeled… not many… my final image is almost ready :slight_smile:


Hi Wandddo, lot better now. :bounce:

My 2 cents: :stuck_out_tongue:
Why you don´t try a different angle of camera? In your sketch the camere is different (down to up view) and show a lot more action … I think you could try … and maybe test some different lens too, to make the hand of the monster appear more near of the viewer … :thumbsup:


Hi Evandro…nice update,good job on the overall changes and advancements…My only thoughts or suggestion at this time would be to move the camera to a lower angle,a touch but with an up-Tilt to it…possibly shifted over a touch to the side,a more perspective view angle…I quess it’s experimenting you have already gone through…Just some thoughts…:arteest:

…Ok…you are doing a real nice overall job here…and the end is not far.I wish you the best in you’re final stages,and will be here to watch you finish up…all the best to you Evandro…:arteest: :beer:


Evandro…good render friend…you know I like a lot the colors!! good luck my friend:thumbsup:


I think the master is more visible now and the the composition with less blur is more beautiful, showing better all the great work. :thumbsup:


Much bether. Now i get the feeling of depth. Keep going :thumbsup:


the Lighting and Env, is ausome…


wow, great image. the guy reminds me of the barbarian in diablo2. and the owl looks great. fantastic world.


Ur playing with the colors make me crazy :wip:


Nice work with the colour, i never expected your piece to be a cool colour scheme, nive work. One suggestion, is to exagerate the camera a little, since your piece is very active and full of motion, maybe you can bring on the the servants closer (the one reaching out), and the other being pulled back a little. Also maybe have a more tint of warmer/hoter lighting on the main servant, just a little to bring a be of a contrast and show a bit of rage in him. You work is really coming along, keep going.


nice work my friend, its been a pleasure to watch your progress



just a little word to suggest a feel of the key light on the castle in the background.
Concerning the castle, it looks a bit nice in comparison with your fellows in the front, you would expect a “nastier” castle, more sinister , – well only my opinion

Keep it up man

if you want a peak



My friend!// im so sorry i havnt replied in a while i’ve been so busy with college assessments… how are you?! … man your progress is coming along very very well… the latest lighting update is really workiing… a few more tweaks here and there and you’ve got it!! great work AS Always!! :wink: good work see you soon!


Nice update on the lighting Evandro. It’s looking better the pieces just seem to fit nicely together now. :thumbsup:


awesome work, very nice progress from your concepts. the action is really nice and the atmosphere is good. perhaps try saturating the skin so that it stands out from the background a bit more. right now it seems to be recede rather than stand out though. it shoulf be a vry nice final though, good luck