Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


viva Brasil… im not sure what viva means but sounds good! lol Man wow this is looking :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ahah how cool is that owl! the servants are in much anguish! i love that! awesome my friend!! your so close to getting that you want this is looking really good! cant wait to see final image… all the Best!!



Really nice compo, the positionning is really cool and I really like that owl.

For testing it’s a very good start, keep up the good work


Hey Wandddo, i had the same problem with mine to start and i PM’d one of the mods and was told that it wasn’t within the rules regarding humans… it needs to be 100% human not humoid.

As you know my image started off as a fairy and not alittle girl, and because of this i was basically told it wasn’t in within the rules. which is why i clipped her wings and made her into a little girl, not a fairy.

i dont know if this has changed, as thier are allot of entries where where are humaniods not humans… so things might have changed.


Wow nice composition friend…I like a lot the colors mix!! and nice textures on the clothes!!
keep up friend nice job:thumbsup:



nice update evandro…The drama and motion are set in place…the compo works well too…You are pretty close now…You have a human without doubt in the master…As for the servants they too are of human appearance…a caricature like style…No problems here what so ever as far as i know…Anyways dont concern yourself,the master is all the way human,even if the servants are a bit off of the common human appearance…:arteest:

…Ok,bring it to the finishline…see you as you move forward…:arteest:


oh, nice job, but the tree behind is a litle “plastic” try to reduce the specular, well you said that the texturing is not finished, only WIP, so you may correct this later, keep going,
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A good idea and good modelling… why not a more dark light, what do you think! Anyway great job!

My thread:


Hey Evandro!

better, better and better , really a good job!!

keep doing :thumbsup:

“Grande Abraço”


nice compostion :thumbsup: ,

  • seria interessante adcionar um pouco de cor as luzes, para que contrastem melhor com o background

hood look


Hey Wandddo
close-to-finish progress as for me! I think that master really can be considered as human, so guess there is no problem with rules.
Your compo reminds me warcraft style - and I like it indeed! Espaecially that castle on bg - will it be 3d?
Good luck with finishing!


ola conterrâneo brasileiro, bom que gostou do meu trabalho, preciso correr que falta pouco pra terminar o contest…muito bom teu trabalho, por acaso tu tem algum outro trabalho na net?..boa sorte pra gente…falou, abraço(se tu souber algum site de tutorial pra textura,bump,specular etc, manda pra mim…)


Aí Fabiano, t mandei um link em PM, é só dar uma olhada, vlw pelo retorno aí camarada, vamo trabalhando pq o tempo ta indo embora…:slight_smile: Vlw


Hi friends

Neeno: Viva Australia too hehehe:) thank you for the encouragement my friend

Arlutik: Tnx friend I’m glad you like it

Eddieellis: Hi my friend, I will solve this… although I need to do changes, but I believe, they won’t be drastic changes… Tnx a lot mate

Alexfalchi: Hi mate! Tnx a lot your support my friend… grazie

Virtuoso: Hello Michael! I think also that this is not any problem, however perhaps I make some small changes in the model, maybe to separate the master of the servants body… I hope not to need… Tnx a lot my friend

Matheus_bristol: Tnx man! About specular, I think that when the lights are definitive, this will be corrected Vlw

Praguer28: Hi man! The lights not definitive yet, I’m study a better way… it will be certainty more dark… Tnx to your comment

Diogo: Tnx friend, tnx a lot…

Dcmoutinho: E aí Daniel td legal? Como já disse aos demais, as luzes ñ são definitivas ainda… com certeza vai ter novas colorações Vlw! um gde abraço

Deryk: Hi mate! Tnx friend, I don’t still know as it will be the castle, if I have time, maybe I does in 3d… Tnx a lot…

Biano3d: Aí Fabiano td bem? Se precisar de alguma dica de max ou Z-brush eu até sei um pouco… Se os tutos ñ resolverem, no que eu puder ajudar, tamos aí


here it’s the composition and illumination of the background…


First test with the illumination of the characters… but I’m not still satisfied, I will accomplish other tests…


composition look good! some point is I think you have to make different between master and servant skin shade, and maybe you can add shadow of charactor more interact with new backgrond ,
good luck


Good modeling. The expression of the characters are amazing :bounce:

About the ilumination, is looking the light of that iluminates the background don´t affect the master and the servantes … the colors are too diferent … In real world ALL objects reflects light, and transmit and recive the colors of the environment too … So the ground could have some colors of the characters, and the characters could have some color of the environment … :thumbsup:


Nice one. I like the colors and the characters. Maybe the ground is too bright and to distractive compared to the character in the front. If it would be more darker maybe it would enhance the composition of the whole scene and punch out the characters in the front.

Anyway, good work and good luck. :wink:


E ai wandoo bele!

I love the layout:thumbsup: …maybe you could break up character texture a bit…What about the armour?..I think character and background are in a too high contrast level and not well related…keep it up!



Evandro nice update friend…and nice color. Coming nice scene here for sure!! keep nice Mate:thumbsup: