Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


nice model and texture mate! maybe you need more work on his armor?


What’s going on in BRAZIL…Goad i like that contry,hope I have chance to visit it once…
I like the material on the pants of the master,how did u do it?.

seeya :thumbsup:


great progress my friend… since its still a wip i will be awaiting more progres… good work so far though and i agree that the material on the pants looks great… hint/ideas on how it was done?



great work, i like the compo on your picture alot, see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Heya my friends :bounce:

Miyagi: Hi mate! Really the armor needs adjustments… my problem is time, very short hehehe… I bought Z-Brush in the Pixologic web site my friend :slight_smile: Tnx to your comment

Alexfalchi: H i i i i i friend! Nice you here again mate! Tnx a lot…

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Manikantkujur: Tnx a lot mate!

Monsitj: Oh Mr. Monsit!:slight_smile: I agree with you mate, really I thought about more details… Tnx friend

A I R: Hi mate! Brazil is very beautiful!!!:slight_smile: I hope you can visit here some day… This material is very simple, Subdivide mesh a lot in ZB and use Fiber brush on Projection Master tool and this will be like this… Tnx my friend

Neeno: Tnx for your constant support my friend! tnx a lot

Alex.h.: Tnx for your replie friend :thumbsup:


Nice texture on his face :thumbsup: and keep it up friend :slight_smile:


anytime my friend!! dude sorry can i ask you in which the process that you used to get that material for his cloth?? looks really good… if you cant answer now just pm me later cheers mate!


I like the models expression… great texturing work
Good luck!!:thumbsup:


Good, i love it, the facial xpression is so nice. Keep posting


Hey Evandro!

Nice ideia , i like of the movement and perspective of your composition
Great textures too

Good Job!

Boa Sorte :thumbsup:


Hello Evandro good luck in the challenge…
The model very good modeling and texture…


Hi Evandro…Wel you are coming along strong…A nice uipdate and all well rounded,and this will go well with the nice compo you have set up…you’re doing a very nice job here from modeling to textures,and this will be one nice entry to see come towards the finishline///Keep it going …nice work evandro…:arteest: :arteest:


Very nice !!!


not sure about the gold mate, but the rest of it cool… keep it up dude.:thumbsup:


Evandro no updates mate??..i’m wait!!:thumbsup:


very nice model on servant congrats :applause:


I think the accesories is coming along nice. One suggestion is mabe the shoulder pad things could be a dark gray or have more specular cos total black looks a little flat. The texturing of the skin is very nice too.


Ae, a sua modelagem e texturização tão indo bem, mas, vc tem q lebrar que nas instruções do chalenge um dos parâmetros é que pelo menos um dos personagens da cena deve ser humano, é só ler lá: “requires at least one human component” e no seu trabalho tem só criaturas, (a meu ver, pelo menos), não tow querendo criticar seu trabalho, vc tá indo bem, to só tentando te ajudar, pois eu torço para que um de nós brasileiros chegem na classificação dos 15 premiados, boa sorte pra nós (eu vou precisar, nem comecei :eek: )


Hi mates:)

Maxko: Tnx man! I’m happy that you like it!

Neeno: Hi mate! I hope that the tips help you, tnx!:slight_smile:

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B-MAX TALK: Hi friend! Tnx to your replie, on next challenge I want to see you here too… Gde abraço:thumbsup:

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Hhssuu: Hi mate! In this part I would like to work a little more… I will think about your suggestion… but it depends on the time… I hope to do the best than it can… Tnx for your suggestion… tnx a lot:thumbsup:

Matheus_bristol: Hi mate! About the rules, it is not written that master and servants has separate bodies, and what turns the master (the human) similar to creature I believe they are the eyes, but that is easy to change… I hope to be sure of this… Tnx to warning friend, this was my concern from I begin of the challenge… Good luck to you too:)


my friends, this is my first test with the final composition… some elements, shaders and colors, are still temporary… and the lights I’m studying the best way … I’m not still sure if this will be the final pose, maybe I’m make little changes in the angle of view… now is tests and more tests…
My friends I needs your help, I would like to know that you think on my entry and the rules… I believe it’s all right(the central character is totally human and your brothers suffered genetic mutation,… but they live in a same body), but I need opinions if possible of forum leaders too… The idea of me to be out of the rules it disturbs me… help me please…