Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


Ho Evandro this is amazing mate!! I like it really…nice work my friend!!:thumbsup:


Been awhile since I’ve been in this thread. Excellent progress! Really like the expressions on the faces and details around the eyes. Are you ZBrush exclusive or do you use other packages? Anyway, nice work! :thumbsup:


Hey Wanddo!! nice up my friend!!! I like the textures!! And what you did with the ears is great!
Keep it up mate!!!:thumbsup:


Very darn cool Evandro… nice stuff here…


Hi my friends!:wip:

Neeno: Hi mate, tnx to your words my friend! :thumbsup:

Alexfalchi: Hi man! tnx a lot to your constant support! grazie :thumbsup:

Safe05: Hi mate! I’m using Wings 3d to basemesh and ZB to details and textures, Two amazing softwares!!!:buttrock: tnx a lot man!

Mecman: Hi Marcelo! Tnx man! Maybe I work more in the ears… Man, this model is very hard work… The polycount is too large, but it’s now advance… Vlw amigo!!:thumbsup:

||) |V| |^| : Hi mate! Tnx man!:thumbsup:

On this week I came with new updates. Tnx to all friends


the texturing looks great, the details are beautiful.


Hello My friend…where are you?? no updates?? why?:)…come on i’m wait your next nice WIP…
good work my freind…have ggood times!!:thumbsup:


It seems really creepy


Oh,he is not so ugly…looks good to me.:wink:

Doing one fine job here evandro…your execution and concept are all coming together really well…Just keep hammering away at it as you are…Fun and interesting to follow,a must follow thread…And i will…see you as move forward…Now back to work for us all…:wip: :arteest:


I must say I like your character with genetic deformation,crazy stuff,I read your storyline,made me laugh bit…
Keep it up pal. :thumbsup:


Hi Wandddo!
Yeah, really hard work with textures… Looks good and neat. Really cool detailed bumps! I’d only suggest to play more with specular stuff - now it seems too artificial (ok, it’s a wip, so I guess you’ll add it anyway later :slight_smile:
Wings are cool you say? Hm, I’ll try to download it as well.
good luck, mate!!


Hey Wandddo… nice work man… I liked your ugly creature… and the textures look good to me… KEEP IT UP my Friend!!!




nice work man!:thumbsup:


Hi my friends! :slight_smile:

Hhssuu: Tnx man, I’m happy that has liked.

Alexfalchi: Hiiiii mate!! Finally I have updates hehehe… I worked in various projects this week and I didn’t have time for the contest, but now I’m back :thumbsup: tnx a lot my friend!

Kuzgunoglu: Tnx a lot mate!

Virtuoso: Hi Michael, is always a pleasure to see you here my friend! Tnx a lot and finally updates heheh… I’m working all the elements together to the creature, in a way of rotative work, for not getting tired, therefore I am delaying a little in the updates… Tnx my friend!:thumbsup:

A I R: Hi mate! Crazy idea, no? hehehe Tnx friend!

Deryk: Hi mate, I’m studying the possibilities to vary the sokar’s solution but fear that is a very plastic aspect. Tnx a lot your comment

Neo_sk8rider: Hiiii mate!! Very nice to see u here my friend! It is a pleasure to see my Brazilian friends helping me too… I’m happy:) Tnx

Gulliver3: Hi man, Tnx to your replie friend


the face’s master textures


The colors of the clothes are not definitive… maybe I change it…


Hi wanddo!

Nice progress:thumbsup: …I loved the hanged keys idea:lightbulb …The layout is very nice…I just think you could give a most dangerous aspect to the armour:shrug:… by the way Are you utilizing ZB too,I’m eager to meet this tool…Santa Efigênia?:shrug:

Até mais cara!


Evandro niceeeeee!! wow nice master mate…I like alot the texture friend…very well done!!

looking bostic my friend…keep it strong good job!!:thumbsup:



:scream: wow! :bounce: Very great model and texture my friend.:bounce: good luck.:applause:


great wip u can improve ur texturing