Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


Like they say in mortal kombat…:twisted: “OUTSTANDING”:twisted:

Very very nice design…



Hi Wandddo, thanks for support my thread:thumbsup: .

The layout is very clean:thumbsup: ,by a glance… I think you could give more detail to servants hand and ear:shrug:.
My Master And Servant


hello everyone :wip:

Versiden: Tnx a lot man!:thumbsup:

suk-grigorij: Hi my friend! now that details begin hehehe I’m facing some problems, I believe that my computer is not enough for doing details in the level that I want :cry: but I will make the best than it can. Tnx man! :thumbsup:

kuzgunoglu: Hi mate! I hope to end it in the time limit hehehe… tnx a lot:thumbsup:

alexfalchi: H i i i i i i i mateeee! I’m back hehehe I was very busy those days, but now I want to continue it. Tnx for your support my friend :thumbsup:

Hooch: Hi mate, more comming soon… tnx to your replie :thumbsup:

Crazydesign: Hi man! Tnx for the incentive. A friend told me that this work is reminding MK hehehe :slight_smile:

Miyagi: Hi mate, more details are really welcome. I’m working for it, in Z-Brush I’m increasing various details… Tnx to your comment friend :thumbsup:


a small update… I began the textures now, but I’m finding some problems with the complexity of the model, I don’t get to use a lot of subdivisions in ZB… I will work part for part


he he he… looking great my friend


wow nice skin mateeeeeeee!! nice expression!!:bounce:



i agree great expression… textures look fine dont be too worried it looks good…


wow thats looking great man… but if i were u i wud hive the ear more attention… its looking a bit flat… and good start on the textureing… keep up the good works :thumbsup:


Wow, thats awesome texturing.


:bounce: Ho! :eek: very great update texture my friend. :thumbsup: good luck.:bounce:


:eek: heila… congrats, amazing progress and expression and skin mats are wonderful :thumbsup:


Very nice Evandro…your doing one really nice job here on all fronts…the modeling,concept/idea.and now the textures…I also like your pose sets ups…You know I am looking for more as you move along…so I’l see you then…work well…:arteest:


Update friend i’m wait:)


Hey, good job my friend. keep going. The texture is very good, maybe a little more specular. :thumbsup:


Looking good!


Nice ZBrush model. I think you have small texture on this model. Try 4096x4096 :thumbsup:


Hello my friends

Eddieellis: Tnx mate! one day I want to be faster like you hehehe… tnx my friend

Alexfalchi: Hi man, glad you like it! I will place it for sale with your plants hahahahahaha:D tnx my friend

Neeno: Hi friend Neeno!! I liked a lot your progress on your work! Tnx a lot mate!

Overcontrast: Hi mate! I’m increasing details now, and the ears really need to get better. I’ll take care of this! Tnx for your comment friend !

Suk-Grigorij: Hi man! glad you like it and keep on going with your great work! See you mate

Sumawut Sookvamdee: Hi friend! tnx a lot

Jddog: Hello my friend! I’m happy you like it!

Virtuoso: Hi Micheal! Nice you here! I’m dedicating hehehe Tnx a lot my friend, Your words motivate me finish this hard work heheh… Tnx

Alexfalchi: Are you again my friend? Hahahahaha :bounce: the updates are below… Tnx once more!

Banzato: Fala aí cara! blz? I’m testing variations in the Sokar’s solution and I’ll give attention to the specular! Vlw! Um grande abraço!

Pixelkeg: Hi mate! Tnx for your replie!

Maxko: Tnx friend! Actually, I hesitated! I forgot to calculate GUV tiles:banghead: Now I solved it… Tnx friend!


I’m defining the final details in the forms…


…the textures are hard work…hehe, but it’s funny


oh yeh man… this is the stuff… progress is wonderfull textures look good… when you get a good light rig going this we’ll be a fantastic scene… great stuff your pulling off here man!! fantastic! and might i add my friend, the expressions your characters have are my fave facial expressions in this challenge yet… great stuff