Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


I increased some details in the model… I added the legs in the master ( the meshes is very simple, I’ll detail it in Z-Brush ) I believe that will be like this more human. I increased clothes and chains… more some details and I’ll begin the textures… finally hehehehe


It;s coming evandro…You sure know who’s master and ho’s servant…Nice job,well done,the pose sets are pretty dramatic too…Plus the intensity of the servants looks anguished and like they are realy suffering…:arteest:


Wow niceee composition friend…I really like it!!Keep up this strong scene:thumbsup:



I’ll keep an eye on your work my friend. :slight_smile:

everything it’s looking just fine so far! :thumbsup:


i think your idea is really really original, it’s great. And the model is looking good as well. And after zBrushing i think it’s gonna look really alsome. keep up the good work. :thumbsup:


Some nice stuff here. I like it.


Hi friends

Virtuoso: I’m glad you like it! I believe increasing the legs defined the master position… And I’m icreasing more details that will define better it… Thanks a lot friend:thumbsup:

Alexfalchi: Tnx mate! your words motivate me!! tnx a lot!:thumbsup:

Hooch: Hi my friend! Tnx for your words man!:thumbsup:

hhssuu: Hi mate! I’m finishing the modelling in Wings3d and finally I will begin the textures in ZB. I’m anxious :bounce: hehehehe… Tnx for your comment friend:thumbsup:

Grigorij Sukhov: Hi mate! Tnx for the incentive!!! :thumbsup:


Here one quick position test… probably this will be the final pose… In this scene some over paints simulating some accessories that were not still done…


Fala Wanddo! ta bem legal esse angulo que vc esta retratando! a cara dos servos esta bem legal tb! Eu mudaria apenas as feições do mestre, algo mais agressivo…
Manda bala ai man! abração!


hey dude, looks so cool… the texturing makes all the difference… cant wait to see it fully textured


Hi Evandro…continued nice progress…looking more and more brutal,those poor servants…:wink: :arteest:


hoooo yessss niceeee!! :thumbsup:


Hi Wandddo, great looking layout for the concept, I’d say you should try and add some more strain to each characters body pose to give the image a more dynamic sense of motion…

Good luck mate:thumbsup:



really nice concept & great modeling… looks like you plan to let the servants brain show up ?


Hi mates!!:slight_smile:

mecman: E aí cara, fmz? Legal q vc gostou, mas qto a cara do master eu ainda to estudando, eu até ñ queria q fugisse muito da idéia original dele ser um líder sofrido por ter q cuidar de seus irmãos malucos, mas nesse up eu dei uma mudada, pode ser q altere mais alguma coisinha, mas sem fugir muito da idéia do concept. Vlw camarada!:thumbsup:

eddieellis: Hi mate! Glad you like it! The textures begin now, I will still have a lot of work to end it! Keep accompanying my friend. Tnx a lot!:thumbsup:

Virtuoso: Hello Michel! I thank for your incentive my friend! Tnx a lot:thumbsup:

alexfalchi: Hi amico mio! I thank for your constant support bro!:thumbsup:

DaddyMack: Hi friend Robert! I agree with you, until concluding this can happen changes. ( a secret: until the moment I made everything without rigging hehehe ) :slight_smile: tnx a lot man!:thumbsup:

theuni: Hi man! Really the head forms of the servants seem an exposed brain, but this is not my intention my friend! Tnx for your comment:thumbsup:

updates coming soon… I hope hehehe


wow, great work! … the pose and expressions are done really well


Hi, I guess you could do some detalisation on their hands.


Thanks for visiting my page. You are also a good modeler too. And you are quite fast.


no upds here…ok i’m wait:)



It’s comming along just great!

Send us some more! :thumbsup: