Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


Hi Mecman! Thx friend! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I want to begin texturing soon hehehe
c ya


very nice model and very nice concept…keep it up:)

ciao Alex


Thats not a simple thinking…I suprized!
This is unusuall and great.
Tha caracters moving…and the view…
I like it!!
Vaiting for textures…



looking good my friend, i wont to crit something, but cant find anything wrong yet…lol


getting wild…Well done too evandro…Expressions and emotion are coming through quite well…Keep it coming…:thumbsup:


Wandddo i luv the concept man looks like its gonna be an awesome final ! :thumbsup:


wow, man! real good modeling!

btw, thanks fo the encouragement :slight_smile:

best luck!



:bounce: Hi!:scream: Evandro [color=deepskyblue]de Moraes.:bounce: [/color]
OH.:slight_smile: Very great model.:applause: I love emotion in model.:bounce:


Very original. I like it.


dae wandddo! ta ficando muito bom! to curtindo pacas teu trampo ae! kep it coming!


here a small test in the expressions of servants…


more expressions test… I’m increasing more details in the characters… but today I could hardly work in this project, for being working in several other simultaneous ones… but in this weekend I want to work more…


Hello to all mates!

Alexfalchi: Hi man! tnx for your encourage words friend! tnx a lot!:thumbsup:

Gáll Attila: Tnx man! I’m also anxious for the textures hehehe:)

Eddieellis: Anyway tnx a lot my friend! I’m working to advance in this project therefore! Tnx mate!:thumbsup:

Virtuoso: Hi Michael! Tnx a lot man, the expression is a part that I want to define well, because I want to pass the idea of rebelliousness of the servants and concern in the master. Tnx once more…:slight_smile:

Marcus_B: Hi friend! Tnx a lot man!:thumbsup:

digones: Olá amigo! I am who thank! Cheers:thumbsup:

sumawut sookvamdee: Tnx friend! I’m happy that is liking! Cheers:D

suk-grigorij: Hi friend! It’s not so good, as your work but…hehehe:) Nice see you here man! Tnx:thumbsup:

Lotus7: Fala gde Lotus! td blz? Vlw pelo apoio amigo, tnx a lot!:thumbsup:
gde abraço


Very good mods :slight_smile:

Expressions are very well made :slight_smile:
Good job! :thumbsup:
I’m waiting for textures :bounce:


Wandddo…What can I say…Killer!!!
I think the middle brow would benefit from some extra definition tho

Again…Killer!!!Keep it coming


Wow mate!! this is cool expression face:eek: try more please, more!!:thumbsup:



Looking really hot here mate! manero! i like a lot the agression and agony i can feel out of the servants, this piece has loadsa power. Keep on going mate!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


eu adorei a espressão do esquerdo. da uma sensação de raiva , de potencia, muito bom uptade.


Hello mates!

Neliox: I’m glad that you liked it! I’m anxious for textures too hehehe :slight_smile: Tnx :thumbsup:

DaddyMack: Hi man!! Tnx a lot mate!:thumbsup:

Alexfalchi: Grazie amico! I’m working to more hehehe:) Tnx mate!:thumbsup:

the1st_angel: Tnx a lot friend Angel! About expressions, want to approximate the maximum of the initial sketch…:slight_smile: Tnx for your comments :thumbsup:

arcovoltaire: Vlw Arco! Já to quase terminando a modelagem base, já to ficando ansioso pra texturizar esse bicho aí!!! abração amigo!:thumbsup:


Some updates…