Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


Legal. Agora que é a final final, Parabéns. :stuck_out_tongue: :applause:

Voce evoluiu muito desde a primeira imagem até a final. Isso que é bom em um contest. Nossa constante evolução. :thumbsup:


total arteest :arteest: awesome man!! congratulations on creating a really kewl image that depics master/servant relationship all the best on winning and hopefully see you in next challenge… see you there dude!@! :wink: :thumbsup:



good stuff!:thumbsup:


Congrates man, the image turned out really nice, lots of details and very interesting concept from the start too, great work. It must feel so good to finish the final image, i’m still going, hope to see you at the finish soon, cya, and the best of luck.


Hi friends :wavey:

Alex Liki: I thank you for you appears here man:thumbsup: I’m glad you like it! Vlw

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thx a lot to all you friends :beer:


great scene Wandddo !!!:buttrock:
very dramatic, congratulation and good look:thumbsup:


Ok my friend time is ending now…just one day:)
well my good friend, you really good friend…your work is very great, really nice…
I like a lot your final render…lovly colours mix, characters and all things…
well my friend for sure we’ll can see in the next challange…this is very big comunity, for me big family:)
have really best luck and best luck friend!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



i have noooo idea how someone can make things in 3d! looking amazing! :eek::applause:

good luck and see you around next time! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Hi, nice stuffs allaround! Also fine colorit of the image! Evandro you did it! Congratulations! :beer:


Love the scene, and the illumination is superb, like the castle of the background, good luck mate


H i i i i i mates :scream:

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I hope to see you soon friends :beer: good luck to all


The new apdatations in my story line:
Abandoned… Synx, Swanmk, Slovox didn’t have the common children’s luck…

Been born in a same date, in a same mother, in a genetic structure badly - happened, in an organism that struggled from the beginning to stay in life… determining an unhappy destiny for a creature that everyday wants the death…

Swanmk being the calmest of the three, it always suffered with the rebelliousness and hostility of your brothers… However the nature decided to reward Swanmk… Your body developed as a normal human while your brothers, punished by your cruelties, they were with atrophic bodies… In spite of your physical advantages, and of your domain, Swanmk is slave of the pain and of the anguish for taking care your brothers in this sad situation… searching your mother… searching your origin… [color=white]"[/color]

I believe now to have corrected the last detail in this work…

:slight_smile: :bounce: :slight_smile: :bounce: :slight_smile: :bounce: :slight_smile: :bounce: :slight_smile:


Nice modeling man :thumbsup:

Good luck



nice mood you caught there. I really like the “scream” in this image :thumbsup: You got my vote!


I like your final, great work.
Good luck!



Hi mates :wink:

Ludal: Thx a lot mate :thumbsup: good luck friend:thumbsup:

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DaVee: [font=Verdana]Thx [/font]man and good luck to you too:thumbsup:

Thanks my friends :bounce:


Ive said it before and ill say it again. me like very much… :thumbsup:

Seriously dude, thanks for all you help with my entry, i wish you all the best with the judging, but with such a great image i don’t think you’ll need it.

Hope to see you in the next one my friend… :bounce: :bounce: :thumbsup:


Great work, the final touches (especially desaturating the background) really made the characters pop out of the image, & it’s got the nice balanced feel of an illustration rather than a 3d render :thumbsup:


Hi Eddie my friend:) I’m happy to see you here again… I thank you all your interest for my entry and the kind words… I really liked a lot your work man, and also desire to you every luck in the judgement… I know that your work is great and have great chances… I hope to see you in the next too mate:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: cheers


ur final image is wonderful and outstanding!!
love ur idea and character a lot.
great work.
congrats and good luck to u.:applause: :buttrock: