Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


Heya my friends :bounce:

Martinez3d: [font=Verdana]Hi mate! Thx to the nice words… about the colors I agree with you, the blue’s saturation turned the image a lot of soft but new colors it would demand a new render and I’m not have time for it:sad: … but I’ll change the saturation’s background for turning a more morbid scene… Once more thx friend[/font]

JR.BRAZ: Hey JR! I’m glad you like the new camera… Thx to your suggestion

Neo_sk8rider: Hi Neo! I’m fine thx! I’m happy you like it! Thx my friend!

`mb : Wow man, your suggestion is really good:thumbsup: I’ll try to follow your instructions… Thx a lot mate

Ilusiondigital : Hi friend, thanks to your nice comment

Maxter: Hi mate, thx a lot to your nice words

gra7: Hi friend, you’re right, I’ll reduce the blue saturation… I hope this gets better… Thx

DaddyMack: Hi mate, really nice words… it’s motivates me… Thx

Virtuoso: Hi Michael, wow man you’re being great here:) Your suggestion it’s valid to me… Really I’m thinking in changes, and the `mb’s suggestions were really very good… I’ll try to change some things… Once more Thx my friend :beer:

Thx to all you my friends :beer:


really nice compositing my friend!!:thumbsup:


:bounce: Good luck me too my friend.:bounce:


great modeling and great compo… i wish i saw this piece evolve… really something special


Great updates. I can almost see that hand reaching out of my monitor, must be the contrast tweaks…Came out really good. Waiting for your final image :slight_smile:


Hi my friends:bounce:

Alexfalchi: Ciao amico!:slight_smile: Thx to your replie once more my friend!

Sumawut sookvamdee: Hi mate! Thx for to visit here! Thx a lot!:thumbsup:

Tilite: Thx mate, your words motivate me:)

3dRaven: Thanks my friend, I made some changes and I believe to have the final image :bounce:

Thanks to all :beer:


Yeah! My friends, I made some changes accepting some of your suggestions and I believe to have gotten a better level now… I added some fog and I altered some saturations… I think now the caracters is more visible… please, what do you tell me?


Well if this is the final image for you really congrats my friend…this is very nice work…nice render and nice composition!!
waiting for final image now mate!!:thumbsup:
Ciao bello…


Congratulations for the final image. Great Work. :applause:

Boa Sorte :thumbsup:


Alexfalchi, JR.BRAZ thx a lot my friends, I believe that I now decided… in minutes I will be posting it again as final image… thank you:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


maybe the final image…:wink: …Ok,looks final and real nice to me Evandro…:thumbsup: …Ok a few more minutes then…You “almost” made it …I’l be looking for that final Evandro…see you soon,all the best to you…:arteest:


Well my friends, that’s the final image… maybe still there were manners of improving this, but this would involve slow processes… Thx my friends, thanks to all support! Really all you are great friends! :slight_smile:


Wow Michael, many thanks… You helped me a lot in this challenge!:slight_smile: Really no words… I can say you are a great friend!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: All the best to you my friend! See you soon:beer: :bounce: :beer:


Evandro my friend…final image!! very nice , very nice…have best luck my friend for this fantastic work!:thumbsup:

you have make really nice challange mate!:thumbsup:



Tadaaaaaaaaaa… You did it,and did it with style and flare…And one of those guys/gals with that extra passion and love…Well done…the picture moves,and has drama,and shows servants suffering and in there place,you can see the relationship…between the servants and there master,an important criteria for this challenge…Plus the execution has been very good from concept/plan to modeling to textures all the way to the finaal tweaks and extras such as ambiant mood and lighting…Also a interesting picture to view…It would be nice to see on the big screen moving and alive…But as a still you were still able to showcase drama and movement…:arteest:

… Real nice job Evandro…a pleasure to meet you here…:beer:

…All the best to you,hope to see you around more from here on in,and all the luck to you as well…Until later…congratulations on a fine piece and a fine finish…See you soon…:arteest:


Hey Wandddo, gled for you! Great coloristics!!
Dam, I become to nervous a little - myne still not finished!
Wish you success with this image - cool work!:bounce:


Congratulations to your final image!
Hope we see us in the next challenge.

Ralf Stumpf


Your final image is Fantastic!

Good Job!

" E boa sorte , ta com uma imagem vencedora "
" Grande abraço "


H i i i i i i i i i my friends:bounce:

AlexFalchi: Ciao mate!!! Man, you were great here:buttrock: Thanks a lot to all your support my friend!!! I hope to see you in the next challenge too!!! Thx

Virtuoso: Oh man, your kind words… I can to say you’re really a nice man:beer: Your comments gave me extra fuel for reaching in this final image… from my heart thank you Michael:thumbsup:

Deryk: Hey my friend, I thank you to appear here… and keep working mate, you will finish it! Thx :bounce:

WildWire: Hi Ralf, I hope to see you in the next challeng too! Thx a lot mate :bounce:

Diogo: Hey Diogo, Thanks mate! I thank you to all your support my friend… and congrats to your final image too :bounce:

Thanks a lot mates :beer:


Congrat’s for the final image!

Good luck my friend!