Master and Servant 3D Entry: Evandro de Moraes


Ahow!!! Those servant characters are piece of my heart! Wonderful! Keep it up!

AMAZING! :buttrock:


Hi, the harmony of your colors enchants my eyes good work. :thumbsup:


H i i i i i i i i friends :bounce:

JR.BRAZ: E aí Jr! td bem? Yes, I accepted your suggestion and I changed the camera… Tnx my friend… Vlw pela sugestão :thumbsup:

Virtuoso: Hi my friend Michael! Tnx to your encouragement words! Accepting your and JR’s suggestion, I changed the camera… and it’s better now:) in some minutes I’ll post it here heheh… once more tnx a lot

Alexfalchi: Hi my friend! tnx to your support mate!

Diogo: [font=Verdana]Tnx a lot [/font]friend! I’m glad you like it!

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Mordalles: Tnx mate! glad you like it!

Ramtin_moom: Hi man! many tnx!

Hhssuu: Hi friend! Yes, your suggestion is great but I want to emphasize the difficult relationship between the servants and the master, for it I believe I have to show all the faces… the rebellious servants and the concerned master with your brothers’ behavior… but I thank your idea, without doubt it is a great idea! Tnx a lot!

Eddieellis: Hi mate! it’s a pleasure to see you here too! Tnx a lot!

aBlackEgg: Hi man! Really your suggestion is good… but sorry me mate I don’t have more available time for changing it :sad: sorry me once more friend…

Neeno: Hiiii my friend Neeno! I’m fine tnx:) Tnx a lot to your support mate

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Conundrum: Yes, your observations are well comings… I’ll try it… Tnx a lot

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Tranchefeux: Tnx mate! I thank your words!

I’ll post now some rendering images… Tnx to all friends:)


the owl…


the master’s concerned face…


the afflicted face of the servant…


and the furious face of the other servant…


Maybe tonight I’ll post the complete image with new camera…


Have bst luck my friend…you have make nice job!!:thumbsup:


Alexfalchi: Thanks my friend !!! Best lucky to you too:)


… maybe I’ll reduce the blue’s saturation on background…


Heya Wanddo!!! Impressive scene mate!! really like all the expressions! you got the spirit of master and servant on your work!
Just one thing that could be improved (for me) is the color, blue seems so peacefull :wink: maybe something more painfull :twisted:
But that is just a opinion, your work is really great friend!

Wish you good luck mate!


Rafael Martinez


Yeah, finally the final version. :bounce:

Really cool my friend. Much better than the older one. Great work.

Congratulations. :applause:


Hi Wandddo :slight_smile: … how are you my friend? Great work man… You really did it… Congratulations :bounce: !!!



Great job, the stylized forms & vivid colours make it feel like an illustration rather than a render :thumbsup: One final thing that I would do is render out a global fog pass (in a light neutral blue, similar to the colour of the ground in the foreground), & screen/additive layer it on top at about 25%, just to give a bit more depth & take some of the saturation out of the ultramarine blue in the background.


I like it, it´s a magic image, love the atmosphere


Good colors Evandro… Excellent environment:thumbsup:


this is good… but is tooo muck blue…\

c ya !


Great work getting this image to this stageWandddo…Congratulations!


Turned out real nice Evandro…I think you can experiment with some of the suggestions here,you have some time still…Just some added tweaks and polishing…Really a nice entry with lots of effort,you can see this,and the results are showing through real niocely…All the best to you in you’re final touches…I’ll be looking for that “Final”…you are right there…Well done all the way…:arteest: :arteest: