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Evandro de Moraes has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The Triplets - Final Image

Well my friends, that’s the final image… maybe still there were manners of improving this, but this would involve slow processes… Thx my friends, thanks to all support! Really all you are great friends! :slight_smile:


Hello to all! This is my participation in this challenge! I had an crazy idea, hehehehe…:slight_smile:
The story line:
Abandoned… Synx, Swank, Slovox didn’t have the common children’s luck…
Been born in a same date, in a same mother, in a genetic structure badly - happened, in an organism that struggled from the beginning to stay in life… determining an unhappy destiny for a creature that everyday wants the death…
Swank being the calmest of the three, it always suffered with the rebelliousness and hostility of your brothers… However the nature decided to reward Swank… Your body developed while your brothers, punished by your cruelties, they were with atrophic bodies… In spite of your physical advantages, and of your domain in a same body, Swank is slave of the pain and of the anguish…

This is the story line. I hope to do a good participation in this contest… This is the first time… I hope to learn a lot of here. And sorry my English… :rolleyes:
Concepts coming soon…


Some concept sketchs…
This is the character that I described above. A same body divided for the triplets…


very original story, and great sketching style (manero) . keep it up! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


nice concept and idea Wandddo… but in the rules i´m read some one of the character need to be a human?! try to find this dude!!
Bestluck man!
i´m back foreward to see the ups!!
c ya!!


love the concepts dude… very very kewl…

I’ll be watching :smiley: Keep it up…
Lets see those models


Hehehe I’m back

the1st_angel : I am happy that you liked! Tnx:)

D-3 : Hi mate! Thank you for the warning. I saw the rules and you are right. I will make changes… I will humanize one of the characters. Valeu pelo toque cara! :thumbsup:

Neeno : thank’s a lot, man! :slight_smile:


great story and sketches… :wip:


Hi Wandddo, very nice skech dude:thumbsup:
i’m waiting for the modifications
keep going and good luck


A sketch of the humanized face of Swank

Here some images of the start modelling…

now some render tests in Z-Brush, but… are just tests hehehe…:slight_smile:


jddog : Thank’s!

LAURO_MX : Heya man! Nice to see you here:) Did I make some modifications, what do you tell me?


great progress man honestly such a good idea… Very kewl concept drawings and very Clean modeling i might add… Top stuff… im watching to see your progress…


wow really exiting beginning :wip:


nice concepts and progress my friend…
the model looks very good…

good lucky

é isso ae, manda pau nos trampos que tão massa…


Hey mate, it’s coming along great… great start, look forward to seeing more


Yeah, check the rules about humans quickly, so you can get back to all that modeling goodness…


Nice start man!!!
keep it up and good luck!!:thumbsup:


Hi, Wandddo! A very good start, man! The idea has a great impact and i’m sure the updates will be amazing! Are you modelling in Wings? Where are you intending to uvmap and render? Any plane to pass it throw Zbrush to detail?

A note about arm muscles: they seem contracted, although the arms are opened… I think you can get better results keeping the muscles less contracted till the rigging fase, when you will put the character in his final position.

Wandddo, have you forgot the wings3D brazilian forum?? Wont you post your work there???
It would be great to us to see your work there too!!

Good luck to you, man!


Hi friends!

Neeno: Thanks a lot, guy!:smiley:

jddog: Thx my friend!:thumbsup:

wescley3d: [font=Verdana]Valeu cara! [/font]I am happy that is liking!:slight_smile:

Eddieellis: Thanks to nice words, man!:thumbsup:

Brent 3d: I read the rules, and I am trying to adapt my character now! Thank you for the warning, friend!:thumbsup:

Mecman: Hi man! Valeu pelo incentivo! Good luck to you too!:slight_smile:

Fonte Boa: Hi my friend, thx to the nice words! Yes, I am using Wings3d for modelling! The textures and final render will be in Z-Brush! Thank you for speaking to me of the arms, actually not this ready still, therefore I will still make fittings with certainty. As soon as I have the ready model, I post in Brasilian Wings forum! Thx a lot mate!:thumbsup:


Nice character.
For now model looks really good!
I’d add some more evident expression to the face: eye brows a bit higher, muscles above lips - a bit up too… Ok, maybe you plan to add this later…