Master and Servant 3D Entry: Efgeni Malachewitsch


Great work my friend!, I’m not convinced of the tattoo yet, looks very light colour. and the edges are pronounched,
Good stuff! , look forward to see more!



Nice Model and textures!, What program are you using?


textures look great… i love the eyes like that a bit like Riddick… looks great…


Stripe: Yeah, i do the tattoo very fast. Its just to see how the head look with a tattoo. I make later a better one. :wink:

Room335: Thanks. I use for the model 3d studio max 7 and for the texture photoshop6…

Neeno: Oh cool, nice idee! I make now riddicks eyes :wink:


Great! I love the texture. How did you do it?


Thank u Ke V2 …
how i do the texture? its easy. I make some picture from other people in the company and use the stamp tool from photoshop :wink:


really cool texturing Eugen ! i like it. :thumbsup:


Thanks JS :slight_smile:


hi! ~Eugen,:slight_smile:
your head model looks so good.i think ,nice texturing and modelling progress:thumbsup:
good luck for this challange:bounce:


great models thus far. will await final concept!


Hi artists…

i have make a quick hand model for the angel, i think i chance the hand later… texture are wip.


now the texture for the hands, its very fast one and not clean. Chance that later…

I use for the texture fotos from people from the company.


I really like the texture that you have your hands and the head model as well, please keep up the good work looking forward to seeing what else you have…

handsonfire <- this my thread.


texture looked better on your pc man… , still… nice work :smiley: :buttrock:


Uh oh… I found you.


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