Master and Servant 3D Entry: Dominik Kirouac


Oh, Igor becomes really the one with whom I won’t like to have eny conflicts:)
Actually my immagination was drawing rusty rextures, when firstly I saw it untextured, but this version comes vraiment cool! Especial white colors of the head (with black seams and dirt it gives scary looking!).
Impressive CGing


Cool textures so far.


thx u all for ur comments!
merci bcp pour vos commentaire s tres encourageant !

Nous venons de finir la greve d’étudiant et j’ai beaucoup moin de temp pour le 3D :cry:
U just finished the studen strike and i have to do homework a lot to do before the end of the sessions in 2 week, but i’ll try to post something soon.


i come here and :shrug:hmm no update … i feel then just a little :sad:so i write this letter out of :love: for my fellow Cg’er…and i say :deal: WHERE IS THE UPDATE??? :banghead: and i wait for a reply :surprised till the this is what ill be :cry: then when the update comes this is what i’ll be :bounce:



Ur model owns imo :thumbsup:…i really like the style, cant wait for it textured, gj …


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