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Dominik Kirouac has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: texture part1

I have finally begin this part that i don’t like a lot! But i have to practice.


Hello everyone,

Its my first time i participate to a challenge, on a forum, since i began to do 3D. I’ll try to do my best and enhance my skill will the challenge. I hope u will help me to do that and give me a lot of comment.

Ok the concept :

It is the machine of a little, but intelligent nerds (a young boy, we will call him Max). Max use his robot to do whatever he want. smalls and bigs job. I don’t know which action he will do yet, but it ll come :).


Ok! here my second character. He is called Max. Super inventor, he build Igor to do all the tasks that he can’t do.

I’ll try to post a sketch of the action that they will do in the scene! I’ll think about that.


Someone can help me to find a place where i can store my pict, I want to post some wip images and i haven’t find a place yet.


I have started doing 3D today :bounce:

I hope! I’ll be able to give a result similar to my drawing…
Ok here the body of Igor. Im not satisfied of the head and I’ll have to retouch it later. For the moment I’ll try to do a rough of all the body and add detail later. I don’t know if it’s a good way to proceed. but i’ll try. I have nothing to loose !


I think angelfire.lycos maybe not the best site wher i can store my images. Someone know a better place or a better way to put image on the forum?? :rolleyes:


I have begin the modeling part! I hope i’ll have some comments. I’ll continu to model only monday cause its easter weakend and i go home… :slight_smile: HAppy Easter!!! everybody


I like the drawings !! good taf :wink:
and good begining for the 3d model :wink:

good luck for this challenge !


hey pitiwazou!

Tu est le premier post, sur mon premier thread, de mon premier challenge ici :slight_smile: thx u :bounce:

Par contre c pas le premier commentaire que tu me fais, :stuck_out_tongue: tu en a deja fait sur 3dvf sauf que je me suis ameliorer depuis. un peu! :buttrock:

I fallow ur work and im sure u will give a really nice result :buttrock:


ulalala le style de barge… c’est génial + chapeau…

wow a really crazy style, I really like it, good luck !



ha bon ? me rappel pas ^^

ce challenge est fait pour s’améliorer, donc tu vas totu déchirer :wink:

good luck et défonce toi !!


Bien mortel le style ! voyons comment ça va se caler !
et vive le québec libre !

Nice start ! let’s see what this will look like ! :thumbsup:


Hey there…
dude your sketches are quiet cool. I’ve always been a fan of little masters and giant servants. Great going on your model so far. No crits yet looking great. Good luck Ill be watching


Hey, I like your sketches, especially the one of Max. I love how that coat is way too big for him:D For image hosting, you could use this: but I think for the challenge, we are suppose to upload all the images to cgtalk, so the links arent broken later, when someone wants to look at it a while from now.


Hey all
Thx for ur nice comment that give me a lot of courage to continu :slight_smile:
I block on the back yesterday and now im stuck to my bed. BIG HACKBACK!!! I’ll try to continue tomorrow but im not sure i’ll be able.

Continue to check i’ll try to post a sketch of the action of my 2 character. It will be in the laboratory of max. Igor will kill big fly that max has just invent! He will defend his master!


He’s got style :slight_smile:

Nice work so far


Very nice! It reminds me of Full metal alchemist for some reason.

Can’t wait to see more!


Yeh baby dats da stuff… Great model man… I’ll be watching for more… your making me hungry… gimme more gimme more … model rocks dude… gonna be awesome textured…:bounce:


I hope that the texture will be good neeno!!

But i’m still a newby in this way! I’ll do my best. Do u think i must apply a procedural or i have to unwrap all my model ?

Thx for ur comments :bounce:


sorry for the bad posting !!!